Monday, September 12, 2011

All My Ducks In A Row

As of this morning I made the final two appointments that I was required to make in order to possibly secure that letter recommending that my spouse be allowed to stay with me during part of the hopeful pregnancy.  I had to make a few extra calls this morning but it was worth it.

I called my REI clinic to ask why the MFM (maternal fetal medicine) folks had yet to call me back.  I was supposed to be called back within 24 hours of Thursday.  Its Monday here.  After chatting with Cpt. S-D. I explained the situation about the prior MI I had in March 2009, the beta blockers and water pills I've gone off in order to prepare my body for pregnancy and the fact that I have to see my cardiologist biannually.  She seemed quite concerned all of a sudden about me.  Its not like I didn't tell her the other day about the issues.  Whatever.

I called MFM directly after getting the number from Cpt. S-D.  They asked if I was already pregnant, I wish, and I told them that no I'm not but we are going through an IVF cycle.  I'm now scheduled for the 23rd of September.  At last we might get somewhere with that letter if they choose to listen to me and actually pay attention to my chart.

I was able to get my walk-in appointment scheduled with Cardiology for October.  Yes, a walk-in has to be scheduled, this is Tri-Care we are talking about.  I won't be seeing Dr.K. as he is retiring.  I will be seeing Dr. V. instead.  Never met the chap but I do hope he will at least take a few minutes before seeing me to familiarize himself with my file and Dr.K's notes.

So if I seem like a bit of a pessimist today its because I'm in pain again today.  Bear with me folks.  Most of the time the doctors I see I rarely will see again.  They aren't interested in my feelings, nor the fact that my spouse will deploy or any other conditions that I have other than the reason that I'm being seen in their specialty clinic.  If they took the time to actually look through my computer chart it would mean they wouldn't be able to see as many patients as they do now.  It means that I will take time away from someone else.  Its sad but true.  I get shoved aside because they are understaffed.  I've been given medicines that I can't take and refuse to take that the doctors think will cure my ailment without realizing that they conflict with the other medicines I'm currently taking or might cause another one of my medical problems to flare back up.

I'm not a hypochondriac, I do have real medical issues.  Its not all in my head unless you are referring to the neurological problems from the fibromyalgia.

So I'm hoping that with the four new doctor appointments, all specialists, maybe one will be able to help me out.  Remember I'm not asking the Army to go to war understaffed, they have plenty in my spouse's job for help.  I am, however, asking that they consider letting him stay home for the entire IVF cycle and part of the pregnancy.  If I miscarry REI has told me they'd be able to get me into another cycle right off.  I can't do this if he is gone, well at least I can't do it without banking his sperm and who's to say I'll even think of doing that if I say miscarry at week 12?  He'd be gone by week 12!

So I'm still frustrated.  I'm hoping for some good news soon.  Meanwhile I can't take pain meds for the cyst pain as the acetaminophen isn't working on the pain nor percocet for that matter.  I'm not going to suck it up either, I'm going to write about it, talk about it with my spouse, and in general just moan from the pain.  I'm coping the best way I can without pain killers.

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  1. Hang in there. This is all so much for one person to handle but you are trucking through it. I hope and pray the appointments go well and that someone will get that letter started for you.



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