Tuesday, September 20, 2011


There won't be a weekly weigh-in for me this week.  No, I've been sabotaged.

Last week I had dropped an additional pound the next day after my weigh-in.  I was doing so good and really proud of the fact that I was only 1 pound away from my first 20 pound goal.

I got on the scale today.  J had yet another 3 day weekend.  I've now gained back 2 pounds.  Yup, I've failed.  My body went into starvation mode yesterday because I never got to eat my first meal of the day until after 1300 hrs.

I can handle eating out on the weekends.  I was good this weekend and I pushed about on the plate most of my food, ate the veggies and the leaner bits of protein, transferred most of the garbage food from my plate to his and what do I get from it all?  Weight gain in just one day.

My pelvic region is swollen and almost hard.  Physically I resemble the me that would be about to get her period but being on the pill with no break in for another two weeks I find that its quite impossible.

I didn't get the water intake that I needed yesterday, I was definitely short of my water by several glasses.  I was short on caloric intake even with the chocolate bar I ate for the migraine headache.  I tried, I failed.  I could explain to all of you how my husband sabotaged me and the real reason why I didn't get to eat until after 1300hrs yesterday but it's way too personal to share.  No it wasn't sex.

So now I'm very far behind on my weight loss.  I was hoping to have 10 pounds off this month.  When ever my husband comes home this always happens.  My stress level goes up, my diet gets ruined, demands are made on me and I end up caving into them which makes me put me last.  I can be my own worst enemy. 

I haven't even had time to exercise.  The most exercise I've gotten in the last 24 days since he got home is housework.  Speaking of which, I have two loads of laundry to do still and they aren't going to go do themselves.

I'm angry with me.

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