Monday, September 5, 2011

Paradise Returns, Well Sort Of

Well we did make to the horseback riding.  That's me in the pink and orange stripe shirt.  My husband took the photo from his horse.

My horse, Cutie, fought me the entire ride.  She rode me through tree branches, briar bushes and any other sharp object she could find.  I'm used to neck reigning and she is the standard bit with a kick.  When we got back to the corral I was told that Cutie is great for anger management as everyone loves to scream at that stubborn horse.  Okay so it wasn't my fault the ride was terrible.  At one point I almost decided to dismount and just walk the trail instead.

My husband had a wonderful mount named Neo.  Neo is a dark chocolate and white paint horse.  Think of Little Joe's horse from the television show Bonanza.    His horse responded easily to his commands.  I was told that next time I go back to High Point Equestrian Center I should ask for an advanced riders horse that is used to neck reigning and not the beginner Cutie.  Funny though, we weren't given the choice of mounts to begin with but then again this is a fledgling company that has only been open for two months.  If Cutie is a beginner's horse I'd hate to see the advanced.  Maybe it is just her stubborn temperament and the other horses will be better but, I'll have to wait until IVF is done with before I go again.  In just a few weeks we start the shots.

I'm not really sore from the saddle unlike I was in July.  This time it was only an hour ride and only one butt cheek is a bit sore.  This time I did better considering how long its been since I've ridden on an almost regular basis.  No today I'm in pain for a different reason.

Yesterday morning my two endometriomas decided to give me quite a bit of pain.  I took acetaminophen in the morning and afternoon.  Come evening I went for the percocet.  Yes, the pain got that bad.  Its still bad today.  But what really irks me is the fact that I ended up gaining back 0.6 lbs in bloat from the cysts and the use of the percocet.  Now I'm really far behind in my weight loss for the week.

I had set a goal of 2.25-2.5 lbs for the week.  If I lose 2 pounds in the next two days I'll still be on target but I don't see that happening.  Since the percocet did nothing for the pain last night I'll not take it tonight.  Today I'm going to drink extra water to get the motility of my digestive tract moving again.  With any luck I'll lose that 0.6 I gained.  My pelvic region is firm and distended today.  Not a happy camper because of that.  My clothes don't want to fit so I'm wearing sweat pants.  Its amazing what a little bloat and pain can do to cause for a loss in confidence.

Hear me whine.

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  1. Glad you made it out there anyway, but boo about the horse fighting you. And major boo about the pain!


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