Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diet Day 43: The Weigh In

Well I still haven't reached my first goal of 20 pounds lost but I am that much closer to it with the 2.4 pounds I lost this week.  I still need to lose another 1.8 pounds to reach that first 20 pound goal.  Maybe next week?

I've been dealing with a lot of anger issues of late.  Some people are really getting on my nerves.  So I walk off the anger.  I was really upset yesterday and walked about 4 miles.  I know walking is good for me and the 4 miles that I walked yesterday only helped with the weight lost for the week.  However, I wish people would stop making me so angry.

I have a raging headache this morning.  Its feeling like it could go to migraine but I doubt it will.  Or I hope it won't.  Every time I have to go on OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) I get bad headaches and the migraine too.  Usually I'm put on topomax while on the OCPs, but not this time as I can't possibly take that particular medicine while in an IVF cycle.

Back to the weight loss.  I still have another 42 pounds to go.  My clothes aren't baggy on me, no they seem to be shrinking in the wash.  I feel so fat but then again I still am fat and far away from being off that BMI marker that says I'm obese every time I step on my Wii balance board.  I haven't played with the Wii in a week.  I've just not been feeling all that well with the headaches.  Who wants to exercise when their head feels like its going to explode?

With any luck the headaches will soon disappear after I end the OCPs, but I won't be off them until Oct. 2nd. I start the Lupron injections on Sept. 25th.  I've only taken Lupron once and I can't remember how it affected me.  If any one that has taken that particular drug has any advice on the side effects please inform me of what to expect. 


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  1. I know all about headaches. Since I've been off the caffeine...and head has been killing me. It makes it hard to function. I don't know how you do it.



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