Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Day New Adventure

I'm steaming forward on my own adventure today.  J is out fishing with friends and I'm going to venture forth try out new things too.

First on the agenda today was to get the mums positioned in the flower beds.  I purchased three rust colored mums in various sizes yesterday afternoon.  After I got them in place today, they are still in their pots until I decide to put them into the ground, I realized I needed three more mums to fill in the remaining empty spots.  So today I'm going to go find red ones.  I like red mums.  The rust ones are pretty too but the red ones will brighten the garden up even more.

I have a hair appointment scheduled for around noon today.  I need a hair cut in the worst way. With all the split ends I now have on my hair its knotting up easily and breaking even quicker when the wind picks up.  I'm not planning on getting it colored, as the grey is just starting to peek through its not worth the money I'd pay out to have it professionally done when I still have a few weeks left on this dye job.  So a new cut and perhaps I'll get is straightened too.

Its starting to rain.  That means J might be back early since its getting to be really cold here again.  I told him before he left this morning that if he catches it he has to clean it and I might cook it.  Might being the word.  I like fish but sometimes touching raw fish kind of grosses me out unless its sushi.  Go figure that one out because I can't.

So if the rain doesn't let up I'm going to have to figure out some indoor adventure ideas, maybe some shopping would be good therapy for me.  I'm kind of bummed out today.  I went down a whole pound more on Thursday morning only to gain back on Friday morning 1.2 pounds and this morning I weighed another 0.2 pounds more.  WTF!  Yeah I'm really bummed out about that.  I've been exercising too.  I walked another 4 miles yesterday so I've no clue why I'm gaining back the weight.  I'm so close to that first 20 pound goal and its driving me bat shit crazy to gain even a small bit back at this point.

I also need some me time due to the migraines I've been having almost every night since the 13th of August.  My birth control pills give me migraines.  I'm hoping the lupron injections won't make them worse.  Within 30 minutes of taking my birth control pill I get a migraine.  Thinking of the baby I might get to hold in my arms next July is what is getting me through this IVF cycle.  I know the pain is probably only going to get worse with all the injections I'll be getting.  I may have to hide in a dark corner with no loud sounds in my vicinity for the next few months. 

So today its time apart so that J can relax and ditch some of the stress he is carting around.  It time for me to take care of me too.  I have worth, I respect me, I deserve some spoiling too and I need a hair cut!

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