Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let It Snow, Well Maybe

As you can see my flowers are still blooming here and it is indeed November last time I checked the calendar.  The string in the photo is holding up the tomato plant of which decided to start producing more tomatoes after we thought for sure it was done for the season.  The yellow snapdragons are right next to the crimson chrysanthemum.  The dahlias are still blooming; if you look closely you'll see the one red flower.  Next to them is the purple Campanella.

I have a lone poppy plant in the back garden that decided to resurrect itself from its final blooming in July.  Behind it is the raspberry vine.

Photo of the front bed.  See the tomatoes?  Next to them are the larkspurs that have also decided to come back.  WTH?

Front bed again.  Dahlias and Campanellas.  I need to go out and do some dead heading again.
Thought I'd take an up-close photo of the rosemary.  It too has decided to bloom.  Normally this only blooms in the spring.

Remember readers I live in the PNW.  Right about now we are usually getting weeks of cold rain and some snow.

We are definitely have some major climate changes here on the west coast.  This was our longest, driest summer on record.

This looks pretty cool to me.  Maybe next year I'll get one for the patio.


  1. I LOVE the pictures! I def had a lot of people tell me that this year has been an odd year of gardening. Since I just started this summer I have no clue.

    How wonderful that your house is in bloom with life!!

    1. If only I were as fecund as my plants!

  2. I have flowers that I cut down for winter, rebloom! Crazy warm weather here.

    1. Odd thing is that we've been having frost each morning and they still bloom.

  3. Wow, everything still looks great for November!


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