Monday, November 5, 2012

No News

Nothing really important to post today.

Nothing new happened over the weekend.

Basic symptoms from the endometrin.  Pick one I've probably got it now or had it somewhere along the past 5 days.

I have physical therapy later today for my left ankle.  Because I've been staying off it as much as possible it isn't really hurting all that much.  Some biting pain from time to time.  I can only imagine how it will probably be sore today when I'm done with my session.

I'll have to remember to tell my therapist that I need to be careful right now.  My pelvic region has been particularly achy of late.  Especially the right side.  Hopefully I'm not growing another ovarian cyst.

I also need to be careful not to get up too quickly or make fast turns with my head.  Endometrin is adding to the Meniere's dizzy spells.

My weight has been see-sawing.  I lost an initial 1.6 pounds from the HCG shot only to gain it back two days later.  I'm guessing by now it is out of my system but I'd rather wait to do a home test.  Not sure when I'll do it if I do it at all.  Next week Tuesday is my beta.

It really is too early to "feel" pregnant.  Most women don't get real symptoms, you know the gals that don't have to take a butt-load of hormones (PIO shot joke), until about the 6th week at the earliest.

I am really tired too.  I'm yawning when I wake up.  By 1630 hrs I'm ready for sleep.  I force myself to stay up until 2200 hrs so that I don't wake up too often during the night except to pee.

  Kissing it or hate it?


  1. I sure hope this cycle ends great for you! As far as the kissing ball, not a big fan, but then again I hate kissing :)

    1. I was looking at a kissing ball the other day in a craft store and was thinking that it reminded me a bit of a huge cat toy since it was fake greens. If I'm going to have something that big hanging from my ceiling it had better: 1) be real greenery; 2) smell divine; 3) attract really cute men!

  2. I have never seen/ heard of the kissing ball; very cute!

    I would say trust your body everyone is different. There are those women who dont know they are pregnant until they start crowning!!

    Everyone told me I was crazy but I knew I was pregant each time weeks before I was able to test positive. With Cedric I was testing for about 3 weeks before I got a positive test!! I could tell and knew just days after. (3 or 4)

    1. Well I'm feeling rather not pregnant today even with the progesterone. I do know that hormone levels can fluctuate.


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