Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sight-seeing Saturday part two

Photo of the old gate.  The state force the government to dismantle the gate piece by piece when they decided that they needed more room for the I-5 lanes to expand.  Sometimes the state government does take precedence over the federal.

Statue of  Meriwether Lewis and his Newfoundland dog at the memorial park on Lewis.

Outside the Lewis Museum
Poor J.  I made him stand behind the cut out for his photo.
So that is what we did on Saturday.

J had to work 12 hours overnight, last night, so today he is sleeping-in.

Not sure how many more of these on-call shifts he'll be doing before the holidays are up but I know it is for a good reason.  Hopefully someone high up in rank will remember what a good job he has done and agree to let him re-enlist. 50 days left until the time runs out.


  1. I love the photos! How appropriate for Veterans day

  2. What a neat place, you always go to such cool places with history! I look forward to your pics from your travels each time! Thinking of you and hoping and praying you get that BFP! xoxo


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