Thursday, November 15, 2012


Smile, you know where I'm headed or can at least guess.

I'm going to discuss shaving.  Not the face or legs, or arm pits.  I'm going  more intimate.

I used to shave quite regularly the whole pubic region.  I did it for me. Now not so often.  Not sure why I used to shave since it caused issues.

Why  have women decided that the hair we were blessed with at puberty is now offensive in our adult years?  I know that my mom's generation either went all natural or mainly didn't shave above the knees.
Women who did adult films in the 80's didn't shave to the extent that they do now for the adult film industry.  So why are we, who the majority claim to not like the idea of pornographic materials, trying to emulate the pre-pubescent type bodies devoid of pubic hair shown in the adult films?

Why are we trying to perpetuate the ideal that a woman's body should look like a little girls?  What in blazes is wrong with hair?

I figure that as long as you keep yourself washed and without foul odors there is nothing wrong with some hair on the mons pubis or labia.

I fell to pressure the other day.  Self-inflicted pressure.  I shaved.  I'm paying for it now.

A few years back I waxed it all off before a yearly pap exam.  My GYN, a female, told me next time to use a clean razor blade instead of the same one that was on the razor.  I corrected her and said the rash was from waxing. She apologized for her assumption and said I shouldn't try to remove the hair if the skin is that sensitive. 

I had my eyebrows waxed only once.  I broke out in a rash from waxing then too.

I've have used a electric razor and ended up in a rash.

I have used fresh out of the pack razor blades and ended up in a rash.

My skin does not like to be devoid of hair.  The hair acts as a buffer from laundry detergent residues, perfumes and dyes that might be on the pantyliners (though I  do buy the unscented ones) and any friction from clothing that might be a little tight like exercise clothing.

The other day after I shaved I put on clean exercise clothes and thought nothing of the bare skin until I was done exercising.  Let me tell you that even a warm epsom salt bath didn't help all that much last night.

So tell, are there any other women out there who have sensitive skin like I do?

If you have sensitive skin do you shave?

How do you prevent the sensitive skin rash?

Is this beauty treatment really worth the pain?


  1. Wow you were right, I did get a good laugh from your post today. I for one do not like the all natural look in the southern region. Like you though I am very sensitive and used to always have bumps and irritation. Now I have my husband put a guard on his trim and just keep things nice and cleanly trimmed up.

    1. I need to find a proper device to use that won't cause the skin irritation. I have even tried those creams for the bikini line. Those tore my skin right off in place.

    2. We use my husbands facial trimmer with attachment, LOL!

  2. LOL I have said this very same thing MANY MANY times! Despite getting my period very early (10) I did not get pubic hair until much later (14) So when my "big girl" hair came in I couldnt THINK of shaving it! Also because of my ethnisity my hair grows in very lightly and takes a really long time to grow back.

    EVERYONE I have ever been with has always had issues with the fact that I did not want to shave. That i didnt look like the porn girls. Which I would always come back with "what are you a petiphile?" (ms i know) And like I said, there really isnt much down there even with years of being natural it doesnt grow to be an inch long. *rolls eyes at boys and porn*

    I DO however shave the bottom area, where the opening is. I personally feel cleaner when the opening area is shaved.

    WOW how blogging can make you spill your guts! :D BUT I am passionate about this topic!!

    1. Thankfully J doesn't mind me having pubic hairs. Mine are dark, not very thick (you can see a lot of skin through the hairs) and for some odd reason they are rather straight. Odd because I have naturally curly hair. Wonders if that is my Native American blood. LOL. Leg hair I could go two or more weeks without shaving and it might grow about 1/2 inch! It too is fairly sparse but also very dark...again my DNA. I could do without the facial hair from the hormones. Thankfully that isn't very dense either but still it is dark because of the DNA I have.

      I'm still not used to calling it Ethnic for being partially (no clue just how much) Native American. I just say that I'm a mutt.

    2. Well I am half native. And *blushes* WOW this post is just one of those posts. My hair doesnt curl either! I always thought it was because it never got long enough too. Now I am wondering if it is the native, since it sounds like our hair behaves the same. I got weeks without shaving my legs too.

  3. What weirds me out is when women say they wax or shave down there when they have an RE appointment, like for an IUI or an ultrasound. SERIOUSLY? These are doctors who stare at vajayjays all day; they don't give a rat's ass about whether you're neat and tidy or covered in hair... plus why would you want to "look good" for an RE? Just seems creepy for some reason. :)

    1. I have to agree it is rather creepy to think that we would shave to "impress" a doctor. I just do it occasionally for me and that one time it happened to have been a waxing before the yearly exam just ended up being that way. It was for another, ehem "personal" reason for my loved one though. Hey, it's fun to switch things up down there from time to time but for me I don't think I'll back to making it a regular habit. I don't like the skin rashes.

    2. Ok *blushes* I am one of those girls. NOT in the sense that I try to spruce up my lady area but in the fact that every time I go in for my yearly I always wear makeup. Like I am going out on a date. I catch myself doing it half way through each year but,.. I cant stop! I think it might just be a weird ingrained thing. If someone is going to see my lady flower = must wear make up? LOL i have no clue!!

      And I have on rare occausion shaved it all off too. Like you said, its nice to have some change

  4. I have very sensitive skin too. I have shaved before, but I always regret it. I personally like having some hair there. I usually just trim it short. It's more comfortable short. I have heard that if you do shave to expholiate before you do and it helps with rash and ingrown hairs. Never did with me because everything is so sensitive.


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