Thursday, November 1, 2012

Robo Callers Bite and So Does Fatigue

This morning I was awoken by the phone.  Yet again a robo caller from a political campaign.  I've already voted via absentee ballot.  I wish I could have my name taken off their list.  Wednesday can't get her quick enough for my liking.  Maybe I'll be woken up by something a little more pleasant like birds or the laughter of children.

It is only 3 dpo (IUI).  I'm exhausted.  The HCG shot and progesterone are kicking my butt.  After I get up all I want to do is take another nap. I'm not getting much done.  Still some cramping.  Way too early to test.

I totally didn't get around to making the pie filling the other day.  I may just make J make it himself since he has today off from being on-call last night.

I'm guessing the re-enlistment issue and being on-call so often is making him testy.  I'm his mental punching bag with his passive aggressive attitude.  If I tell him I don't want to hear it I'll get back from him, "that's right my shit doesn't matter and I have to remember that.".  Ugh talk about guilt tripping.

It is almost 1120 hrs and J is still sleeping.  I have the door shut to the office and am creeping around the house.  Good thing I did his laundry for him last night while he was out.  Oh and when I called him before I went to bed at 2330 hrs last night I told him I did his laundry.  His reply, "I wish you wouldn't have done that.".  Geez not even a thank you.  One would have thought he would have started with a thank you but no it's a complaint.  See what I mean about passive-aggressive.

On a happier note; I donned makeup for a scary appearance last night.  I also put on my dog collar I used to wear from time-to-time in college.  For you laughter here is a photo of me:
Maybe I should have gone with a bit more shadowing on the cheeks?  Mind you I didn't use the UNDEAD kit in the photo below, I just used what I had on hand for makeup.


  1. I am really laughing about the dog collar. I might have owned a matching necklace and bracelet in my day :)

    Tell Mr. Husband to be a little more sensitive to your needs also or he won't get anymore of that good cooking you make for him :)

    1. Hopefully he is working on it today. I found a note in the kitchen with an apology for his bad behaviour this morning.

  2. I hope that you had a good Holloween yesterday! Even with you being so tired :C

    1. Loved seeing the little ones in costume.


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