Friday, November 9, 2012

11 Days Past IUI; Still Waiting

I've been keeping busy trying to ignore the stark white test each morning by making baby booties each day.  The above are now available for purchase in my shop.  I'm also making more solid color ones in newborn size to start with.  I didn't realize I was down to only 10 pairs in my shop this week.  Eek!  That isn't to say that I had a lot to start with but I realize that people like to have choices.

I'm also making the above in 3-6 months, 6-12 months and preemie so every one will have a chance to get the size they want and need.  Well those that want them that is.

My fatigue symptoms disappeared at 7 dpo.  I had  slight second line on 8 dpo and now nothing.  I'm guessing that maybe it was the left over from the trigger shot?  I'd like to think positive and really hope for that BFP on Tuesday but I'm a realist.  I know it won't always happen.  I also know that when I was pregnant with the twins that I never got a line on a hpt either.  The only time I have had lines is when I had the IVF and some left over hormones in my system from the IVF which helped the one natural pregnancy I did have.

I have been praying to God.  I keep hoping.  But truly I'm scared to have another failed cycle.  Another wasted amount of money that could be earning interest in the savings right now.

Even with the cost of two IVFs last year, we paid for the Jan one in Dec, we didn't get the tax credit.  J and I are just one of those couples that slip through the cracks.  We don't make enough for the big tax breaks and we make too much to get public assistance.  But we make just enough to pay out the for the highest tax bracket of what is it now? 27%?

Now that I hear on the news about the end of the year deadline for the taxes being changed up if the Prez doesn't get his peeps together.  I look forward to my meager tax refund each year.  Now it looks like I won't be getting that either.
Has anyone read this book?


  1. I am still remaining hopeful you will get a positive on Tuesday. We have kept all of our medical cost in a folder this year and hoping that we are able to get a deduction next year. I know that you can only claim anything after the 7% of your income, so fingers crossed.

    Btw I really love that red and white striped hate!

  2. What cute slippers! And how great for the upcoming holiday season!?!

    I hope that you have a BFP on tuesday! So sorry about all of the money. I dont understand why IF isnt covered under health insurance? If my eyes arnt working that is covered, if my kidney isnt working they cover that too. Why should women parts be any different? ESP,....ESP since penises ARE covered! You cant get it up? No problem! Well figure out why and get you back in, in no time. Thats just total BS

    1. Yeah I know if men parts don't work they fixed really quickly.


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