Thursday, December 27, 2012

Choices For Today

1) take a shower and do nothing else since the shower will exhaust me.  or
2) take a sink bath and do laundry.

I chose option #2 since I want some clean clothing.

I slept until 1000 hrs again today.  So tired.  Whatever sinus issue I have can back to hell where it came from since I am sick to death of being sick from it.

In symptom news:

Absolutely fricken nothing!  Not even sore breasts now.  So obviously the HCG shot is totally gone from my system.

I discussed with J testing.  He and I both agreed to wait until the specified time of 15 past IUI are up to test.  In my case, since I have endometriosis, there is little harm to me to be on progesterone for the full 15 days.  As a matter of fact will lessen some of the symptoms of the endometriosis if I am lucky.  So I won't be testing until at least the first of January if not the 2nd.

Hope everyone thinks this is a good idea.  I'm sure my doctors do since they are the ones that told me to do so in the first place.


  1. Replies
    1. I hold hope in reserve now. But thanks!

  2. Well...feeling really tired and crappy have always been symptoms for me. More so than sore breasts, actually.

    I hope you have good news in the New Year!

    1. I'm thinking that most of my tired and crappy are from the sinus infection.

  3. Well you are closer everyday :) Hoping this is it for you guys!

  4. I didn't have the standard symptoms when I first got pg, no sore boobs, nausea, tiredness, etc. A lack of symptoms certainly doesn't mean you're out of the game. My fingers are crossed for you!


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