Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman

I realize it is lopsided but I did tell J to stop shoving it my way.  We built a snowman together.  I started the mid section myself and he finished it.  We lifted the mid section together and mounted it on the bottom.  I made the head. 

Why pointed?
Sorry if it is blurry, it was windy last night.

The snowman is wearing a hoodie like my husband so they both have pointed heads.

J never asked why the point on the head.

We had a snowball fight before starting on the snowman.  Just couldn't help ourselves.  Last year we had a lot more snow by now and I wasn't allowed outside because J was afraid I'd get hurt.  Ugh!  Just because I had an IUI yesterday doesn't mean I'm going to stop living life.  Exercise is good for me.

Today, after I get done with the laundry, I'm going to start making cookies.  Since his brigade is home now and not everyone is on leave yet I'm making cookies to say "thank you" to the soldiers.  I used to make cookies for them before they deployed too.


  1. Love the hoodie-snowman! Can't believe you are getting snow while Toronto is, like, 10 degrees. Makes no sense! But hopefully it'll stick around and you'll have a white Christmas.

    1. It rained last night. But a sweet moment was when the neighborhood kids were walking home and a little girl stopped to try out her tiara and fairy wand on the snowman. So Cute!

  2. Best wishes with this IUI ICLW#58


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