Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Dinner Of Autumn

For those of you from ICLW, Welcome!, I have a tab set up that you can view about my infertility journey and other tabs to enjoy as well.

Look who has come for dinner?  Did it smell my cooking?
Is it looking for mice?
No it seems to be looking away now.
Ah it is waiting.  This hawk has been feeding off the birds that visit my feeder every day.  Nothing I can do about it right?
How about some fowl weather pot pie?
The aroma  of freshly cooked bird pie is such a delight to the senses.
Left overs put aside.  And no I didn't use the hawk. I didn't touch the hawk.  I did make chicken pot pie last night for J and I.  He came home at lunch when I was boiling down the chicken and making the broth.  The smell was so good he said he had to leave the house it made him too hungry.  
Only enough for two people for lunch today out of the six servings this dish makes.  J ate 2.5 portions last night for dinner.  I too at a large portion but that is okay since I made it all from scratch and knew exactly what went into the recipe for sodium control.

I am excited to see that there is a hawk visiting our yard.  I'd rather not find mice in the house and if it wants to go for them I'm cool with that.  Wish it didn't eat the little birds too but well I'd be a hypocrite because I ate bird, albeit chicken, last night too.
What a pretty pie dish!


  1. Happy ICLW! I definitely chucked when I saw the first picture of the pie.

    1. Yeah I was hoping someone would get a guffaw from it.

  2. Haha Pretty funny! Mmm that pot pie looks so yummy.

  3. Happy ICLW! Sooo belated! Life over here has been a lil messy.
    How cool is it that you all have a stray hawk?


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