Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lit Up

Well the lights are up for what we planned on putting up this our last Christmas at our house on post.  I'm going to miss this two bedroom house.  I'm not one that likes apartment living and I'm afraid that is what we'll be heading into after J leaves the service.  Nothing against living with family but I'd rather have our own place even if it is a really small apartment.

Today is CD21.  I was put on full pelvic rest yesterday.  CD 16 I started to bleed.  I won't be taking the progesterone this cycle.  No sense since most likely this cycle is a bust.  The heavy bleeding only occurs when I lift, squat, strain or stand for too long.  I guess that is why I'm on pelvic rest.  Rather hard to do with workmen in the house fixing things.

I had to remove boxes and clothing from the closet today.  J knew they'd be coming by but his mind is so focused on finding a new job he doesn't think about domestic issues and helping me out.  I'm also doing two loads of laundry.

Don't worry if the bleeding gets worse than brown today I'll be sure to put my feet up declare a strike on housework really quick.

Yes it is possible that I had another follicle or cyst hiding behind my uterus.  I had one that was found during my pelvic surgery in July.  I had a really awful ripping sensation over the weekend like something tore on the left side where I was getting the pain but where the doctor saw nothing in the ultrasound.

I did ovulate.  However, the chances of a embryo implanting with such a hostile environment right now are really slim.  If it tried to implant it would disengage with the uterine lining that is trying to slip away.   I'm due for a new cycle in about 5-7 days.  We'll see if I start on time.

I plan on finishing up the Christmas shopping for J this weekend.  I'll be careful to not exhaust myself too much.  If there is pain I will stop.
This book looks pretty intersting.  I wonder if a workbook would actually help me get pregnant.  If so how do I use it?  Do I tear it up, process it for injection or do I just try to insert it in my V?


  1. Pretty lights and tree. I would definitely try inserting the book LOL

    1. Since J likes to eat paper maybe it would give him super sperm if I bought the book and offered it up to him for dessert?

  2. Pretty lights indeed! Sorry about the bleeding and the pain, but still hoping anyway (*hugs*)


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