Monday, December 17, 2012

Triggering Today

Today was my ultrasound appointment.  I really don't know exactly where I am in my cycle because last cycle was so screwed up.  I haven't been using OPKs, not that I don't have plenty on hand, but I just didn't use them this cycle.

Captain H is a new doctor at the clinic.  Really nice man so far.  He was gentle with the probing though he did have a hard time finding my ovaries.  Most new doctors do have a difficult time finding them the first probe.

My uterine stripe is 12.8, really thick.

Right ovary has a 5.5 mm follicle

Left ovary has a 29 mm follicle

I gave myself the trigger shot as soon as I got home from the clinic.  I asked J if he wanted to do it this time since it has been a while and he said no.  I told him he has to at least watch.  He did but it still bothered him.  Honestly I didn't even feel the injection.  Yes, I'm that good at giving injections!

I have to say that last cycle I didn't eat coconut or use coconut oil but I did this cycle.  I've noticed that when I use coconut products in my daily dietary intake I have better follicle output.  Coincidence?

Remember this again is a natural cycle.  They don't give me stims any longer because I develop cysts.  Captain H, though I though 29 mm was a bad number, thought it was really good and I should trigger today with an IUI tomorrow.

SRM will hopefully be calling me before 1400 hrs to schedule the IUI.  J has an all day class tomorrow so for us first thing in the morning would be best.  Hopefully we'll get a really early time.

Three days after IUI I am to start the progesterone support as ordered.  I didn't even have to ask for it this time.

Last evening J and I were discussing foster to adopt.  I was telling him how adopting and older child might be the thing for us.  Often the older children are harder to place and would love a home just as much as the newborns.  He thought it was a wonderful idea.  I even suggested adopting every couple of years through the foster system of which he again liked the idea.

One way or another we'll have our family.


  1. 29mm is a huge one! Good luck this cycle :)

    1. Yeah, it is just crazy size. But Captain H thinks that it will still be a good one and Nurses S and M both think it is good too. We'll see. Captain H said to that if I don't get a period in 40 days to come in for a pregnancy test. Wonder what happened to 15 days after IUI?

  2. Oh how I understand what you are going through. we are close to 2 years of struggling with infertility. I will add don't count out those small 14's and 15's... my RE said he has seen women conceive with smaller follicals releasing mature eggs. My tech told me anything over 18 can produce a mature egg. Fingers crossed that this works well for you two!

  3. Guess I better run put and get some coconuts! ;) Good luck with this cycle.

  4. Good luck with your iui. Adopting an older child sounds like a wonderful idea. My husband brings that up every once in a while as an option due to the fact that he's 44 already. He thinks it would make him feel more where he thought he'd be in life at this age, and that he might actually be able to to retire instead of working forever to fund college! You are so determined, I have every confidence that you will have your family.

  5. Good luck this cycle! Always hoping for you!

    And that's great that you're considering foster-adopt. I think it's a great option, and for some people it's a great fit. There's a lot to consider- best wishes as you consider things and make a decision.

  6. That sounds like a really good, ripe for the pickin' follicle! Along with progesterone support, I'd say you have a pretty good chance. Best of luck!

    In my mind I had already moved on to fostering to adoption when I got pregnant with my twins. I still think about fostering, even if it is just emergency short term care.

  7. I will be praying for you. And also I have ALWAYS wanted to either foster, or foster-adopt. I think it is sooo good! I am going to do it once I get on my feet.


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