Saturday, December 15, 2012


I just want to know why?

Why are the wrong people ending up with guns?

I have to go through a check to get a gun. 

I had to get finger printed and obtain a permit to carry.

 I make damn well sure that my firearms are locked up with the ammunition stored away from the firearms.

Removing the right to bear arms won't solve anything.  Violence is still going to happen.

I'm sure some psychologist will explain away why the man did what he did to those young children but it still won't make sense to the majority of the population. 

I'm sure his mother loved more than just those children she taught.  She obviously loved her son too since he was living with her.  She didn't have to let him live with her.  She could have turned him out of her house since he was an adult.  No, I do think she must have loved him and just couldn't feel it.

So sad.

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