Monday, December 10, 2012

Married To The Army

Of late I've been able to catch on demand a few episodes of a new show on OWN called Married To The Army Alaska.  Not sure if any of my followers watch this show but I highly recommend it if you like the Army Wives drama.  The show on OWN is more realistic than the drama on Lifetime network.

There are days, heck weeks, where I feel like my husband is married to the army and not to me.  This past weekend was just one of those many times.  I'm not complaining mind you but just telling you like it is.  I'm used to putting our marriage last to his job.  I'm used to having to cancel well made plans at the last minute.  We will find time to be together.

What I am going to complain about is that J is still waiting on a final decision.  Yes, the "Hail Mary" that we've been waiting for.  He'll know this week.  This word will be the final decision.  Meanwhile J is working and going to ACAPP.  He is doing everything he can to please everyone involved in this process.

I honestly can't wait for this decision to be final.  I can't take much more of the stress.

CD 4 and I'm having bilateral pelvic pain.  Rather soon for follicles to be causing pain.  J and I are remaining hopeful that soon we'll catch an egg.  So many things in our lives our now on the last chance.  We had to put off creating a family while he was deployed, though I do know of some that have continued to try while their husbands were away it just wasn't for us as we didn't have that option back then.

if you want to watch the show I mentioned above.


  1. I haven't seen that show, but did like Army Wives!

    1. J has been watching both with me and he has to say that he doesn't like the "married to the army alaska" one because he says its too real. Um, well it is real.

  2. I haven't watched either of the shows but will have to check them out for sure!

  3. I have never seen any of the "Army wives" shows. I think that they would just make me angry, but who knows. :D

    I can only imagine how difficult it is to be in a gray area! I hope that you get the news quickly, and I hope that it is the news that you want to hear!! If not though I know that you and J and you are making good plans for your family's future either way. :D


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