Friday, December 28, 2012

Neighborhood Changes

By the beginning of Autumn I thought most of the military moves were finished on my street.  Usually the Army tries to move families April through September if possible.

In just the past six weeks we have had three houses empty and two fill up with the neighbor just to the right of us moving out this week making it now four moves.

Watching the Bs move is rather funny.  Perhaps I should go outside with a mug of hot cocoa and direct them on how to pack the truck better.  Why on earth they are deciding to do a DITY move I don't know.  The Penske truck is loaded all awkward with things falling over in it and the female adult has already screamed as things fell on her.  Nothing heavy mind you but still enough to frighten anyone that is unsuspecting.  They decided to add on a car carrier and loaded up the pickup onto the carrier first before loading the moving truck.  Well that was really smart.

Hmm...wonders if they thought about backing the Penske up into the driveway with the garage door open and loading stuff in that way rather than crossing the street for every box and mattress?

I think one of them is sharing the single brain cell.  Perhaps their two year old has it today because he seems to be enjoying the moving sport.

Three days now the truck has been there.  The idea of a DITY move is to pack up the household before you get the truck there so you can save on the daily rental fees.  I've done enough DITY moves and I'm getting too old to do any more with my bad back.  Maybe if I were twenty years younger I'd think about it but not now.

Mind you my neighbor is now 22,  married just three years with a child that is 27 months old.  Lucky wench got pregnant right after her husband got back from his deployment.  I went to her baby shower as she gave me an invite and a listing of her registry.   Sniffs...would have been nice if she would have sent out or hand delivered a thank you card for the gifts I gave her.

Hoping that who ever moves in is quiet, clean, neighborly. 

  Who remembers Bewitched?

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