Thursday, December 13, 2012

More of the Same

I'm exhausted. 

I went to the doctor's office today.  My PCM looked down my throat and said it was fine.  Is he going blind or am I stupid?

My glands are swollen, my throat is red and my tonsil are sticking out.

He offered to do a culture if I thought I needed it.  I don't have a fever so I said no since I know I'm not infectious.  He offered me the Isolep solution again.  Gag No Thanks!

So I guess it isn't just my RE office that is suffering the budget cuts but my PCM office that is being tortured with budget cuts too.  I say this because I told the doctor that I've had this problem since September and he thinks I'm fine.  Okay, sure.

He did order blood work for the fatigue.  Vit B 12 and follate.  I'm thinking that yes I might be a bit low on the B 12 but still in the normal range.

My PCM also didn't like the long list of problems I have.  By problems I mean diagnoses by other doctors and started eliminating them on the computer from my records.  I had to stop him.  He heard in my voice that I was getting angry, especially when he tried to take out my infertility diagnoses.  I mean I wish I didn't have it but taking it off my records won't change that fact considering I am still actively trying to conceive!

Why are they instituting such budget cuts that I end up with crack pot doctors?


  1. Have they checked you for Sjogren's? It *classically* presents with low-to-medium chronic sore throat, with or without subjective dry mouth, and swollen parotid glands. Also chronic hoarseness, random choking, frequent nosebleeds, dry or burning eyes (and other mucus membranes), and heartburn. The diagnostic criteria for it were explicitly redefined and presented at the (?)2011 Rheumatology Convention which should make diagnosing much less ambiguous. A fairly large percentage of people who clinically /have/ Sjogren's do not have the +SSA (antigen). It has a spectacularly high comorbidity rate with other AI disorders.

    Good Luck!

    1. Dear Cousin, I need to bring you with me to my next doctor's appointment. Now that they've redefined it I might just be classified as having it. About 3 years ago they tested me for it, different doctor that saw all the classic signs and thought for sure I had it, but I tested negative.

      You yourself have seen just how wonderful I feel over the last few family gatherings.

      Hoping that soon you'll be feeling better too.

  2. Woah, why would he be deleting Dx's from your chart! That's just nuts.

    1. When I told J what the doctor had done his reply was, "that man needs to retire again".

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Sonja. Hope you have many more fibro and Endo pain free days next year.

  4. I read this yesterday but was just filled with too much anger to comment. Deleting Dx's?! ..... yes ICE should be spoken too, news reporters, ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN! face palm is right!

    I am soooo sorry for you!


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