Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I woke up to this.  Last night it snowed only a little.  I love snow.  Hoping we get a bit more this week so I can make a snowperson.

Still no word on J being able to re-enlist.  He did find out why his down range SFC said no to recommending his re-enlistment.  One reason was me.  Yes, really it was me.  Why?  Well he said that I had too many doctor appointments.  Okay so yes I'm very sorry I'm infertile but I do need my husband there for the appointments where he had to provide his specimen.  Excuse me for wanting to start a family.  They can't legally use this against him in the context of my infertility but they can say that my health is an issue and he is a liability because of it.  I don't request that J take me to my appointments except for the infertility ones and I've gone to quite a few of those alone too.  He wasn't around for the SIS or many of my ultrasounds.  So much for the Army being progressive.  I have requested use of the family car for my appointments and his bosses get pissy that I need the car for appointments.  Well sorry as far as I know there is nothing in his contract saying he has to have a car or a cell phone for that matter but the Army gets mighty pissy when the cell phone is shut off or out of range.  He only has to have a contact number, mainly a home phone, for them to reach him.

Today I have the IUI.  J had to explain to them it was a procedure that he had to be there for.  Well he damn well better be there for his part.  I'm sorry but I'm not letting just anyone be my baby's father!


  1. That is so ridiculous about being denied because of your health :(

    As for the snow, very pretty! I'm hoping it holds off here for a couple more weeks (well any that sticks, at least), but it looks like we might get some Friday. We shall see!

    Good luck with the IUI! Hoping, as always.

    1. ARMY is a four letter word. I can think of a bunch of four letter words right now that fit this issue. But I'll mention one: DUMB

  2. grr I got in to TWO accidents on the way to my dentist appointment this morning!

    LOL - "im sorry, I am not just going to let anyone be my baby's father!" the best!

    Sucky that they said that it was because he had to go to appointments :C If that is the only reason then maybe there is still hope? Like you said I think that is illegal for them to use.

    I hope it snows more for you there! And GOOD LUCK with your IUI!

    1. They decided to list it as his personal obligations. So yes they found a legal way around it.

  3. I have dealt with these kind of problems over and over. The last IVF I did the nurse couldn't find my husband to give a sample because he had to take a call from work and left the building w/o telling anyone. The provide him with a cell phone so they are constantly interrupting what should be 'family time', the last time we were in the middle of wrangling everyone to go to Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully, he works for a military contractor and not the military itself, so our health insurance issues are separate.

    "..I'm not just going to let anyone be my baby's father" had me rolling! I think maybe I should get my daughter's DNA examined.

    Your snow looks so pretty. It is rainy and blah here in New England. Best of Luck for your IUI, I've got everything crossed for you. XXX


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