Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happiness on Endometrin

I think my last dosage of Endometrin the morning must have contained more than the hormones.  Maybe the filler in it was something extra like sugar or caffeine. 

I am never in this good of a mood while on Endometrin. Usually I'm a raving b*tch.  But this morning my last dream before waking up was AWESOME.  I was wearing nothing but a brown satin sheet safety pinned to hold it up on me while singing an opera on stage.

I awoke and started to sing from the same opera too.  Brought back the high school days when I was in chorus.  So with that good mood I put on some music and took my shower.  I was actually dancing in the shower.

With any luck the rest of the day will go off without anything bad happening. 

Three days in a row being the same weight.  :-(  But on the good side I didn't gain either and usually I gain weight from the Endometrin too.  So back to :-)

J has his ceremony later today of which I'm looking forward to taking pictures of and maybe sharing on my blog at a later date.

Oh and yesterday I found the energy to bake 5 dozen cookies for the soldier he works with  and cook two meals for J and I.  Just a minor lunch but for dinner I made enchiladas for the first time.  I have to say they were wonderful.  If I use cumin and nutmeg in the ground turkey while cooking it the turkey flavor isn't as noticeable.

And yes I actually do own a copy of this particular cook book.  I just couldn't resist buying it.


  1. Endometrin made me a complete and utter hormonal nutcase.

    1. Always does to me too. But for some reason today I'm just in a really good mood.

  2. If you find out what they put into the Endometrium, could you let us know? Anything to curve the moodiness caused by progesterone is a huge plus!

    Congratulations again on J's appointment and hoping the ceremony is wonderful

    1. I'm afraid that the happiness won't last and I'll end up crabby later today.

  3. hi from iclw! Hope the ceremony went well!

  4. ICLW #55. We have that cookbook too! Some friends of ours gave it to us as a Christmas gift a few years ago.


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