Thursday, January 31, 2013


Since CD 1 is right around the corner, my FRER was negative again this AM, I'm going to get a jump start on eating a bit healthier.  This morning for breakfast I'm having a smoothie and a nut bar. 

Wheat Grass Smoothie
1 scoop of wheat grass
1/4 cup of pineapple juice
1 pineapple ring
1/4 of frozen raspberries
1/4 cup of flaked coconut
1/2 cup more of less of water

Kind of looks like chocolate when mixed up and it didn't need a sweetener.

I did gain 3 pound from the Endometrin during my two  week  wait but have thus far lost one pound. 

I'll also be adding in DHEA 75 mg daily to my vitamins.  Most of the vitamins I was taking I've let run out.  I really got tired of being on so many of them.

Today the RE IVF/Donor egg coordinator nurse at my clinic called me.  She said that Lt.Col.B. will be calling me later today to discuss my wanting to use femera.    I'm guessing he is going to tell me no.  But I just found out that our move to Ft. Stewart has been delayed by two months.  So maybe with this new information he'll be more on my side since I have a bit of extra time and less rushing on the DE.  Oh I'm still going through with the donor eggs.  I have my appointment set for March 6th. 

Called my PCM this morning.  I have now for a week had green and bloody mucus discharge for a week.  Time to beg the PCM for help.  I just got done with a sinus infection treatment a few weeks ago.  I'm guessing it wasn't completely out of my system.  Not sure what they'll do for me now.  The neti pot isn't doing the job.


  1. Sorry to hear about the ongoing sinus infection :( I hope they're willing to try the Femara, and I am excited about your appointment in March!

  2. March 6th! That is like right around the corner. I am so excited for you! (I know, I'm weird, but I have to get excited about other people's cycles at this point).

    Green and bloody mucus sounds reeeeally nasty. I hope that you kick the infection to the curb for good this time.


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