Monday, January 14, 2013


I feel like I'm on the teacups ride and it is at full tilt spinning faster than I can manage to hold on.

Life of late is dizzying.

Last night my spouse upset me so much that I started vomiting stomach acid.  There are times that he can be a real jerk.  Times around ovulation usually and that time is now.

I can't believe that he was jealous that I was able to receive communion yesterday and he wasn't.  Well sorry.  No, wait I'm not sorry.  I've received communion in his religion and I can't understand why the Catholic church won't let him receive communion in mine.  Whatever.

This week we'll find out where and when with any luck.  Looks like it is quite promising that J will be re-enlisting.  But we don't know if we'll be staying here or going to Ft.Stewart, Ft. Bragg, or Ft. Polk.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Saturday I went shopping for window treatments.  I never did get around to purchasing window treatments for my dining room.  I just put up my brass rod with an old set of curtains I had while in Texas.  They have seen better days and the white color blends in too much with the white walls.  If we stay here I'll put up the curtains in the kitchen.  If we move then I'll have curtains for the next place I move too.

I'm still producing green from the nasal cavities.  I do realize that the Augmentin is still going to be working its magic for about another 5 days.  Saturday was my last dosage.  However, I'd like this sinus infection from hell to go back to where it came from.


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. =( That's no good about the argument.

    I've been to a Catholic Church and been allowed permission to receive communion as long as I approached the altar with my arms crossed making an "X" on my chest. I chose to not take communion because I wasn't comfortable, but it was allowed. Religions all confuse me. I've been attending a Methodist church for over a year now and still feel like I'm learning stuff sometimes.

  3. I'm glad that it's looking good about him re-enlisting. Sorry you've been fighting though.

    1. Not really fighting so to speak but dealing with him not being a sensitive to my needs since I'm sick issue along with the ovulation happening early

  4. Glad to hear that he may be re-inlisted, hopefully somewhere nice. Hope you feel better.

    Reg the "X" -- I went a Catholic church and wanted to get a blesssing from the priest. He announced that if you were not Catholic to cross your arms arcoss your chest in an X as you approach him, he will just give a blessing not communion.


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