Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Making Plans With The Army

Wait did I just make a title for this post that is an oxymoron?  I think I did.

The Army spouses out there know what I'm talking about.

Right now we are waiting to possibly find out a potential assignment if J is able to re-enlist.  Mind you they are still over strength in his MOS which means that he might not get an assignment and might have to go to a school instead.

So we are sort of making plans.

The only plans we are making it stop using my DNA to achieve pregnancy by the end of April.  We will then look further into genetic surrogacy using an offer of a friend, donor eggs, and foster to adopt.  We would like more than one child so the chance of having our children being related to one another is most likely slim but I figure that since I'm not related to my husband, thank GOD!, then should it really matter if my children are related to one another or to us?  Why does a family have to be made up of people being genetically related?  It doesn't.

So this is where I stand in making plans around and with the Army.  I can plan to adopt once I know where we are headed.  Until then it will be just a dream.


  1. When might you know back from the army about things? I'm sorry everything is so up in the air. It's good to make plans and dream in the meantime, to explore all possibilities. Hoping you'll be able to make more concrete plans soon.

  2. The not being able to make plans can be so stressful. Being a military-contractor spouse can be just as baffling, especially since we don't get any of the military "benefits" (I know you're laughing right now) that having signed up for the military entails. When we needed to move out of our tiny house hubby's work was making noises about sending him (not us, necessarily, just him) to 1) Hawaii for over a year 3) Scotland, for upwards of 3 years or 4) Portsmouth indefinitely. Now we have bought our house so if they send him somewhere now he goes alone. I'm bumming about not being able to go to Scotland, that would have been cool!

    Options are exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about all the next steps you're taking. Best of luck in everything.


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