Monday, January 10, 2011

Bird Watching

Photos by me in this blog post

Every day my husband and I make sure the birds have seed, suet and peanuts.  Sometimes we end up feeding the squirrels when the Stellar Jays aren't quick enough to get to the peanuts.  When we have a chance we sit and watch our wild pets from the dining room windows.  Today I took a chance to get some photos of my birdies.  By the off chance I even found a new nesting pair that I've never seen in the almost three years of living here in Washington.

I have no idea what species of bird this is and I'd love to have some help in identifying it.  If you know, please tell me.  Its larger than the Stellar Jays.  It has red on its back behind its head and the wings expanded also have red on them.  Its looking like something in the grouse or quail family to me but I haven't seen one of those since I left Upstate NY.

The two sites I used to try to identify the bird were:

If you have a better site and a thought as to what the bird could be, please let me know.

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