Friday, January 28, 2011

We Now Have A Slab Leak

 sample of what it will look like on Tuesday

It never fails to amaze me that so much can go wrong in such a short period of time.  Just yesterday I finally had someone from Equity in here that could hear the hissing noise I could hear for more than a week.  Please note that this is the second time I called about the noise I could here.  Turns out the hot water is leaking under the foundation. 

So now my husband I have to turn on the hot water water when ever we have need of  it.  I'm annoyed.  I had to remove everything from the bathroom that I could possibly move.

The plumber just arrived and checked with a nifty sensor the floor temps from a standing position.  He found the source of the leak easily enough.  Unfortunately he can't get us scheduled until Tuesday morning.  Its going to be an all day project and he suggested to me that I'll not want to be here.  I don't think I will want to be here either with the only bathroom in the house torn up and the sound of jack hammering.

I can see only one major problem with this on Tuesday, he wants be here between 0800 and 0830 hrs which means my husband is going to have to cut his PT short in order to get home here shower and change for work.  Well that's a problem for him, my problem will be that I might have no transportation.  If I can arrange to take the car from him I'll spend the day at the library where I'll have access to a computer, books, and a bathroom. 

I really hate having to leave my house with no family to monitor the workers.  I just don't like how complete strangers have to come in and touch stuff without my permission.  You know they always snoop and sometimes, not here at least, I've had some of my stuff end up missing.  The place I lived at in NY was rather shady like that.  I even had them try to come in while I was sleeping.  I hadn't requested, nor had my husband requested, a work order on our apartment in NY.  But there they were trying to access our apartment.  Good thing I had put the chain across the door or else they would have been in my apartment.  They never knocked either.  So I'm probably going to be a bit cranky on Tuesday when the plumbing is getting fixed.

I just hope the leak doesn't turn into a sink hole in the time between now and Tuesday.  My husband is a tad worried about a sink hole developing.  I can totally understand his reasoning since I've seen the soil layers near the foundation when he was putting in his drip edge.

I'm not looking forward to the mess I'm going to have to clean up.  No matter how much the workmen tell me that they'll clean up when they are done I'm always having to go behind them and finish up the job.  I was told by Doug yesterday that they'll have to rip out the vanity and possibly the toilet it looks like now to get to the leak.  They'll rip up the tile flooring then jackhammer.  After fixing the leak, hopefully in one day's time, they'll fill the hole up with the concrete again and get to the flooring when possible.  How am I to live with a mess like that in my bathroom?  I like to take my nightly baths and last night I had to skip that because I didn't want to add to the hot water leak.

I think they should put us up in a hotel, here on post would be just fine, for a night while they fix the problem properly.  At this point in time I'd even settle for a barracks room.  I'm just so frustrated with this whole mess.

We've had plumbing issues since the day we moved in.  First it was the kitchen sink of which they still haven't fixed completely as the sprayer doesn't work correctly and the faucet still leaks if you rotate the mount between the two sink basins of which took five repairs to get it to where its usable now.  Next it was the bathroom sink fixture of which they replaced.  Then it was the toilet leaking at the base.  Next it was the hot water heater breaking down on us three times and finally having to be replaced.  I've called three times about the tub not holding water and the faucet leaking.  They fixed that by taking out part of the bell and giving me a rubber stopper.  My husband isn't satisfied by the repair to the faucet as it still drips and doesn't give the full pressure to the shower head.  Now its the slab leak.  Seriously what else is going to happen next with our plumbing?

I'm afraid to mention to the repair crew that the window sill in our bedroom is rotting out.  I cleaned it off of the moisture today and removed the black mold that grows on the windows here in the house.  I do it quite often.  They assure me that the mold is typical of our surroundings.  I have my doubts on that for sure.  But when can I do?  All I can do is call in repairs and complain about my housing unit falling apart.  Military housing is hit or miss.  Our house is really nice compared with other units.  I've seen what they offer on the economy and the walls in the apartments are paper thin.  The rent is also too high for the square footage in the off post housing.  No, I'll stick with this house and just keep calling in the repairs.  They'll be here several times a month but if that has to be than so be it.

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