Friday, January 7, 2011

Women In Combat

Photo from news article, Army Mulls Women In Combat Arms Units.

Personally I like the idea of combat jobs in the US Army opening up to women.  Women have been in combat already but still aren't allowed to hold infantry positions which would put them on the front lines.

I also think that we should have a more uniform Army and that women entering BCT, Basic Combat Training, should be required to shave their heads just like their male counterparts.  I'm sure that there are a few that would disagree with the hair cut of my design but its for hygiene reason.  Think about rolling around in the mud with long hair falling down in your eye from your bun or however it has been pulled up with the bobby pins.  Shave it off and you won't have to worry about the hair issue.  Hair does grow back.

I asked my husband a few weeks ago about the issue of women in combat positions.  He believe that for hygiene reason, menstruation, that it just won't happen.  There are medications that can be taken that will just about stop the menstrual cycle completely when administered properly.

What other hygiene reason now?  The hair, maybe, but see above how I feel on that issue.

Is it because we have breasts?  Well I've seen enough guys in their uniform that have breasts that rival mine and I'm far from being flat chested.

Is it that we pee in a squat position?  Well the guys have to squat to defecate and expose their butts so what if we do it  for both.

Is it that they are afraid that we'd get raped?  Um, well hate to tell you guys but you can also get raped and I'm sure its not going to be something you'll enjoy.  Should we take men out of combat because they might get raped?

Is it our hormones?  If you are afraid of our hormone cycles then you shouldn't have a girlfriend, wife, or a female child.  It doesn't matter whether the female is in combat or on the homefront we are still going to have hormone challenges just as is the male counterpart.  Oh wait did I just say that men get hormonal?  Yes I did.  Its called Irritable Man Syndrom, IMS.  Its a proven fact that men also cycle through their hormones and get cravings for particular foods.  Usually its beer and beef but we all know that beer will bloat you too and make you cranky if you can't fit into your pants.  Maybe that is why they started making low calorie beers, too many men complaining about bloat?

But in all seriousness I know of several female soldiers that would love to have the chance to be in combat positions.  Not all of us females are stupid enough to take our rifles into the showers to clean them.  Give women an equal shake in the US Army.  We can do the job.

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