Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today was the IUI.  Now I have to wait fifteen days until I can do a pregnancy test.  They are quite hopeful since the semen analysis was thirty-seven percent better than the minimal needed, and the fact that I have five eggs.  I'm not going to get my hopes up.  When it happens it happens.

The next two weeks are going to drive me crazy.  I was told that for the next fifteen days I'm to be treated as though I'm already pregnant.  Already I'm being restricted. 

Top of my No list I was given verbally are the following:
No Sushi
No raw fish
No new exercise programs
No hot tubs
No alcohol
No caffeine
No heavy lifting (already have some restrictions there anyway)
In general I can't do a thing that a pregnant woman is not allowed to do.

Okay so I ditched the above food and drink a few months back but I do crave sushi from time to time.  I love sushi.  I miss having my tea too.  I think I can understand why pregnant women have the tendency to be grouchy.  The list of what they can't do or have is longer than the list of what is allowed.  Meanwhile the significant other, the one not pregnant, can eat what they want, exercise to the extremes and drink alcohol if they so wish.

Fifteen more days to go until I can get the pregnancy test.  The doctor I saw yesterday told us that we have a twenty percent  chance of having twins while today's technician said that multiples are rare with the IUI.  Okay which is it?  Twenty percent doesn't seem all that rare to me.  I'll take one and if I have two I'll cope just fine.  I have family in the area that knows how to raise twins.  I'm sure the family will have plenty of advice for us when the time comes.

Until I know one way or the other I'll have to be put upon a pedestal.  Sounds easy right?  Not really.  I'm an Army Wife, I usually take care of me.  I take care of everything when he is deployed or gone for training.  I'm used to being able to just do everything when needed.  These restrictions are going to drive me batty.

Right now all I want to do is take a nap.  Not much sleep last night due to the pain in my arm from the flu shot and the ovulation pain.  Hey, you try to ovulate five eggs at once without cramps!

For now I'll be checking out this website,, for more information on what I can expect if I do turn out to be pregnant.

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  1. Of the three families I know /currently/ expecting twins one set appears to be identical the other two are fraternal. AFAIK none of them used assisted fertility methods (and yeah, they do run on at least one side of all families involved, both in a couple - like ours) so I'd say it's not all that uncommon.


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