Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ultrasound Results

Well this morning I got the results of my ultrasound.  Round two of the clomiphene citrate at the lowest dosage of 50 mg.  Last cycle was my first official cycle on the medicine and I had four follicles.  Today I found out I had five follicles.  Yes, five eggs ready for release.  Its just amazing how fertile I am at my age.  The only reason I'm even on the fertility drugs is because of my age. 

Tonight I have to administer a shot of Ovidrel to myself.  This will ensure that the eggs get released.  I've never given myself a shot before but I have been instructed on how to do it.  It really isn't all that difficult, or so I hope.  I had a flu shot today.  Normally I don't get the flu shot, due to my egg allergy, but I was told of how H1N1 kills pregnant women.  I'd rather not die so I got the shot.  So far no side effects. 

Tomorrow is the big deal.  Tomorrow I undergo the IUI at the Seattle Reproductive Clinic.  I have a date with a device.  My husband asked if perhaps we should go out to dinner tonight since I'll be having "fun" with a device tomorrow.  I gave him a look, thinking no with my left eyebrow raised up.  Still going out for dinner tonight might just relax me a bit more, or it could possible give me an upset stomach if the cuisine decides to not like my stomach.

I'm nervous.  I thought I was nervous last month when I was told I had four follicles.  Now that I have five and I'm bypassing the human error with the scientific method I'm really nervous.  The doctor discussed with my husband and I the distinct possibility of multiple babies from this procedure.  We have a 20% chance of having twins with my five eggs.  Okay I can handle twins.  We also discussed options if we have more than that and the birth defects, low birth weight and fetal death with having more than twins.  We know all about reduction of pregnancy size to save the other babies and how there is also a possibility of losing them all to save just two or three if there are more than that number.  But for now I'm not going to think of those decisions.  I can't make those decisions as the eggs have yet to "hatch".

Nine eggs in two cycles is just a big WOW!  I still think about the doctor that told me I was primarily sterile more than ten years ago.  I guess he was wrong.

Wish us luck.  I just want a healthy, normal, uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.  Sure I have a preference for sex since at my age I'll probably have but the one pregnancy, however I'll be happy with either sex as long as its a healthy baby.

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