Friday, January 14, 2011

Women In Combat; One Step Closer

photo from: Panel To Recommend Allowing Women In Combat

As stated previously in my post, Women In Combat, I feel as though women are capable of holding combat positions with the proper training.  I like the idea of women in combat.

It has been shown that when women are in combat it creates a better unit cohesiveness.  It improves morale.  A properly trained soldier, whether male or female, will do their job without regard to their sex. 

My previous posting of this hot topic showed how many people were for and against women being in combat.  Some of my readers posted on Facebook their support of women in combat.  Other readers posted how they didn't want women in combat and their shallow reasoning as to why.  What are we afraid of?  Are we afraid that our husbands are going to have sex with these female soldiers?  Seriously ladies if they were going to cheat they wouldn't wait for the war zone, they'd cheat at home too. 

Is it because you think a woman can't handle the job?  No soldier is required to lift beyond their capacity as in you aren't going to see a sixty-two inch tall woman hefting over her shoulders a seventy-two inch male and carrying him across the battle zone.  Drag the guy yes, two person carry most likely. All soldiers are trained for their jobs and continue to receive countless hours of training for their job throughout their careers. 

Some readers made comments on how the hygiene would be a big issue for females.  I think females, properly trained on field conditions, know what to do and how to stay clean.  They do train both sexes of soldiers on field hygiene.

There are women in combat roles already, so what is so wrong with changing their job title to that of front line combat?  What are we afraid of?  Women in the military chose the jobs that they want just like their male counterparts do when entering into the service.  Its not like women are going to be forced into the combat positions without proper training.

For those of you against women in combat, well its time to re-think your position.  We will be entering those traditionally male only roles and very soon.

Good luck to the female soldiers.  Thank you for your sacrifices.

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