Monday, January 3, 2011

Rose Water

Today I was inspired to make my own rose water.  I used two of my red roses but not the white one and the recipe from Patricia Telesco's Kitchen Witch's Cookbook.  It came out great.  It was by no means an over powering scent.

I cooked it down on my stove at a simmer according to instructions.  The petals once filtered out will now go into the compost.

This is a finished picture of the rose water amongst the drying white rose petals.

Now many of you are probably wondering what the heck I'm going to do with rose water, well I'll tell you. 

Rose water can be used in cooking, stop and see this new blogger's site, Why I'll Never Again Stop To Smell Roses to find out what she created with rose water, I find it an absolutely gorgeous creation.

Roses can be used in skin care.  See these articles: Beauty Secrets and Things You Can Do With Rose Water.

So now I have to decide if I want to cook with it or use it on my skin.  I have really dry skin so I'm going to probably opt to use it for a cosmetic purpose though Rachel's Cake does look divine.

Because I also practice Wicca there are numerous things that I can also use my rose water for with the craft.  Maybe I'll use it for cooking, craft, and beauty.


  1. I use different varieties of roses for all of the above. New house has a number of Old English type roses -- let me know if you want rose hips from them before I cut them back. I will also be transplanting all my roses from previous place of residence this Spring, so there will be an even wider variety, with explicitly known chemical provenance/s should you want them for food products.

    (cut back will probably be sometime in Feb)

  2. yes I'd love to get some rosehips. i use it in my teas. what else can they be used for? i'm always willing to learn more.


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