Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Holiday Weekend Review

 men on sugar high with power tools

Where do I begin?  Friday was the first day of the four day weekend.  My husband has a friend that is soon to leave the US Army so his friend came over and the two of them worked on finishing up a trailer.  Quite a few of the soldiers do what is called a dity move.  It stand for do-it-yourself.  I baked them a red velvet cherry cake.  I've never made this particular creation before but I found the recipe on Friday and figured I'd give it a go.  The guys loved it.  They ended up with a sugar high while using power tools.  More laughing was done then work as it took about seven hours just to put a lid on the trailer.

Saturday we headed out of town for the remainder of the weekend but not before we did our grocery shopping.  I saved only $14.00 in coupons this particular trip but still it wasn't all that bad.  I detest shopping in all forms so even going to a grocery store makes me cringe.  Well alright not all shopping I must admit as I do like to browse for antiques.

We arrive at our destination had dinner and began work on the project we decided was necessary to start first.  Months ago I took a torn pair of my husband's acu's and ripped out the seams.  The uniform has now been re-purposed into an apron for him including the cargo pockets and a riggers belt.  No picture at this time as I forgot to bring my camera with me on this visit.

Sunday we drove around a bit and visited a few antique shops.  I ended up purchasing a crystal salt cellar and a tin recipe box.  I still need to get a silver salt spoon.  I plan on using the items.  Any antique I purchase I use.  Space is precious in military homes and I'm not one to collect stuff that can't be used.

Monday it was time to hit the fabric store for buckles to finish up the apron project.  I purchased the buckles, yarn to make slipper socks, and a Valentines' Day card for my husband.  I can always use more socks and slipper socks especially.  The military housing, for the most part has tile floors which are very cold in winter.  Some of the newer housing areas do have wall to wall carpets but I'm not sure I'd like to have carpet that smells like animal urine in my house.  Accidents do happen when you are a pet owner, I remember that well.

We headed back home but stopped for dinner first at Joy Pho, PQ .  Most excellent Vietnamese cuisine and they have their own website http://www.wix.com/pho_pq/pho-pq, besides the first link which is the reviews.  I had the chicken Phad Thai and my husband had their beef brisket soup.  Eating here has become a weekly event.  If I don't eat in I'll have my husband go fetch it and come back.  I love their noodles.  The pot stickers are really good too.

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