Monday, January 31, 2011

Comfortable Clothing Quest

Time to get my panties in a bunch about an issue.  Okay I'm grouchy.  Why am I grouchy?  Well its a few things really but mainly just one, clothing.  I'm wanting some new clothes and shoes but I want comfort to be a factor in my quest.  It is a quest because comfortable clothing is hard to find.

Why can't womens' clothing be made for comfort?  I'd like nothing better than to wear something similar to pajamas all day and even in public if I knew I wasn't going to be judged.  But I have to be realistic, I know other females are going to judge me.  Most men don't care what the female is wearing on her body as long as its a nice face and body to look at.  By no means am I saying men are shallow but they are visual creatures that get turned on usually first by how a woman's body is undress-able in their minds.

So okay with that thought in mind why are the men the main fashion designers?  And if its the women that are designing my clothing then why the heck is it so uncomfortable and unforgiving?

Over the weekend I went shoe shopping with my husband.  We purchased him a new pair of running shoes as his were starting to show wear after six months.  Usually we buy him two pairs at a time so he can switch off on them.  This time he refused the second pair.  Why I don't know?  But any way I'll get to the shoes for women.  Why is it that all the pretty pairs of shoes are so uncomfortable?  I like the look of high heels and how they make my butt look curvier but I don't like how there is never enough room in the toe box, nor enough padding in the toe box.  I mean come on now, if you want me to wear the dang things for hours on end at a party or even at a work place how about adding some padding and a bigger toe box, toes do swell with all the body weight being put on them.

As for the adorable ballet flats, how about adding an arch support?  The comfort factor is almost perfect in them but for the fact that the arches are lacking the necessary support to prevent plantar fasciitis.  At this point I'd rather don an ugly sneaker that I know will support my feet properly when I'm walking for hours on end.

Now lets get to the heart of the matter with the bras and panties.  Why are they using synthetic materials in fabrics that are so close to the skin?  Polyester does not breath.  Nor does the foam lining in the "t-shirt" bras.  In summer time we women do sweat.  So who's stupid idea was it to use fabrics that don't wick away sweat but allow it to just sit there on our skin causing rashes?  Cotton bras are out there but often times they are ugly as sin.  A cotton bra with some natural fiber lace, wide comfort strap and a nice plunging neckline would be a treat to find.  Readers if you know of any shops that sell just that for someone with a DD cup let me know.

As for the panties, get real.  How come mens elastic in their underwear is wider and more often then not, covered with a soft cotton or silk fiber?  Why don't womens underwear have the same feature? We've come a long way since the steel or whale bone corsets and long cotton underwear but has it been for the better?  All-cotton panties can be found but usually the elastic waist band is not comfortable.  Forget thong panties, I used to wear those but they can be quite uncomfortable if your pants have the tendency to ride up or slide down when working.

Socks are a wonderful item.  I love a soft pair of socks.  But I don't like socks that are synthetic fibers.  Our feet do sweat and if you are wearing the same pair of socks for eight plus hours your feet run the risk of catching athlete's foot.  Who wants to stand all day in a pair of sweaty socks and uncomfortable shoes?

Forget the panty hose.  Pantyhose are one of the worst ideas to come to market.  More women have had to experience a yeast infection from wearing a polyester sausage casing in summer time than from wearing cotton tights. Luckily I've never had a yeast infection, TMI yes I know.  I gave up on panty hose years ago.  Women, get yourself a garter belt and your body will thank you.  Plus a garter belt and hose are ever so much more sexy than support top panty hose.

I want comfortable clothing.  I want quality clothing.  Clothing that will last longer than just one season and stay fashionable.  So if you see me in a t-shirt and jeans you'll know that I don't care about looking chic I just want to feel comfortable of which makes me happy.  In the end does anything else really matter but your own happiness when it comes to clothing?

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