Monday, January 24, 2011

Rendering Proper Respect To The US Flag

Recently an article was posted yet again in our local post newspaper entitled, "Take a minute daily to render proper respect to flag".  I say posted again as last year at about this time another article was in our post newspaper on the same subject.  While I'm really happy to see these articles in our newspaper I'm not very happy when I see folks disrespecting our flag by not following those rules.  The post newspaper is free, its delivered once a week to all residences on post and to the AAFES shops on this post.  So why aren't folks following these simple rules?

First off folks if you live on or work on a military installation you should, when retreat is being played, stop what you are doing.

Here is what the paper had listed as the proper respect.
" When the first note of Retreat is sounded, come to attention, face the flag (or the direction from which the music is coming) and render a salute (soldiers) or place the right hand over the heart (civilians).

For those individuals in vehicles, the following courtesy is to be observed: Cars (and motorcycles) are to STOP, and individuals are to DISMOUNT and SALUTE.  sic( civilians are to place hand over heart)

All of the same courtesies apply when wearing civilian clothes except for the placing of the right hand over the heart as opposed to saluting."

For more information on this topic please see Army's Field Manual 7-21.13 Chapter 4.

By the way, if I'm in a vehicle during retreat you can bet I'm going to be pulling over or telling the driver they need to pull over.  Oh, yes I've told someone who had no clue, an Army wife at that, that she needed to pull over now and why.  She, American born and raised, was shocked that we actually had to do this and not just the soldiers.  Its our country too and we should show our respect to the American Flag!

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