Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hurry Up Already

I'm so very anxious for tomorrow to get here.  I know its still officially 13 hours away and more like 20 hours until we hit the road.  I can't wait to start our vacation together.

We need this vacation.  I need this vacation.

I need to leave behind my cares, my worries, my responsibilities for a weekend.  I need time to just play and relax.  I know J needs the same.  Time together as a couple to discuss where we are headed on our next leg of the journey.  I've got three whole weeks with him and I plan on doing everything possible.  Ocean, Volcano, mountains, and foreign country are all on the agenda.

Last night I asked J to do a photo dump of his camera to his laptop so that he has more space for all the photos he will take.  He still has pictures from last year on the camera that he has yet to upload!  And no he didn't do it last night, maybe tonight he'll get it done.  Me, I keep my camera a blank slate and upload it often.

I'm bringing my camera with me on the trail ride and to the 18 hole championship putting course.  I'm thinking its sort of like mini putt but I'll know more when I get there.  I've only played mini putt once and lost my ball on the first whack. The ball went way over the fence and landed in Gaslight Village.  I'm way too strong on my swing to putt and need to learn how to golf.  I was the same with tennis and I'd lodge the ball in the chain link fence behind my opponent.  Okay same problem with volleyball as I'd knock out the ceiling tiles in the gym.  I need to learn to go easy and use a lighter touch.  This is going to be a challenge for me and I'm ready.

I have to say that I am a bit scared of the horseback riding.  Last time I was around a horse was last year and that was to groom and bathe one.  Riding, eh its been a long time.  I don't like thinking about taking a fall off a horse, did that the first time I ever rode.

The bags are packed, house sitter is confirmed, I'm ready to go. 

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  1. Hope you are having a great time on vacation!!! xoxo


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