Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Too Hot, Too Cold

Okay so the progesterone is now making me more than cranky.  I'm too hot at night then all of a sudden too cold.  The house is set on 62 for the heat.  Its me not the blankets.  I start stripping off my footies, next I throw off the blankets.  Of course within a half hour or less I start with chills.  Back  on go the footies and blankets.

Last night I was crying at nothing.  The same with the night before.  I'm so moody.  I think I should post a warning sign on my front door.

Cramps.  I've got odd twinges in my uterus that could possibly be the implantation because it would be about the right time if the estimated ovulation date is correct.  But I'm not going to believe it because it could just be endo pain or adenomyosis or hell just gastritis.  Who knows?

I'm still a week away from the minimum of which I can take a hpt.  I'm going to wait longer because even though I ovulated early I have long two week waits.  The 24th will only be 22 days from my probably start date and yes it would be about 14 days from the ovulation but seriously my cycles are usually about 25 days so I'll probably push it out another 4 days just to torture myself further.

No breast tenderness yet.  But why should there be if it would just be implanting now?  One would think the endometrin would have at least given me that false sign by now, but no it hasn't.

So this is where I stand as of today.  Still no evidence.  Still waiting.

Its been two weeks as of today since I had my stomach biopsy.  I'm waiting for the results in the mail.  It could be another week as they said 2-3 weeks for results.  I guess I'll probably know the results of both next week.

For all out there trying and hoping, I hope all of you soon get your BFPs.  Good luck!


  1. Well I hope at the end of your 2ww you can get some postive news!

  2. Now that you mention I have been hot/cold too at night. Never figured it was the progesterone. The weather here has been flaky - cold then hot so I chalked it down to that. Also I have not had any breast tenderness either which is weird since Prog usually does that to me too.
    Good luck to you too :-)

    1. Same with you...good luck! I'm still not enjoying the progesterone side effects. Just give me the baby I want already. I think I've earned it with all the shit I've gone through.


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