Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yesterday's Fun in the Sun

S came by with her two boys yesterday.  They are a bit hyper and want to get into everything.  As most of you know I haven't had the energy to do much and very little patience since I'm sick. So I took pictures.
J decided to take the boys out back and teach them how to sword fight with my beating sticks.  I had hoped to get to use the sticks first since I made them but that hadn't happened in the last year since they were put together. At least they now have been used.

S's boys were well protected since each was wearing one of J's ACHs.  They took turns beating on each other while J called time out to try to teach them technique.  Okay sure they really listened to that...NOT!

So J did what any one would have who wanted to teach them how to play fair at mock sword fighting.  He got into it himself and taught both of them.

J and B mock fighting.

J and E learning how to properly hit and what muscles to use to move.

Did I say muscles?  Yup J actually did show each of the boys which muscle groups to use.  He explained using his own arms as to which muscle groups he was using for what movement.  Not to use the stomach muscles for the thrusting but only to evade.

Please note that the beating sticks are made from pool noodles and pvc pipe of which only extends part way into the noodle.  So you only get hit with the noodle not the pipe.  Digital Camo tape purchased from a craft store makes for a nice grip on the handle area and covers the non-toxic glue that holds the pipe to the pool noodle.


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