Monday, April 30, 2012

Dining Table Restoration Complete

I can't complain we didn't pay a dime, except for gas to truck it, for the table and hutch we have had for almost six years.
Here is a photo of it chemically stripped. It was a gift.  It had to be restored.

I started chemically stripping the table when J was in Iraq.  Since the sander is one of his tools he wanted to do all the sanding.  Be my guest.  You can see the hutch behind him. Unfortunately this had to be an indoor project as I just wasn't going to take the legs off the table and haul it out to the patio every day and back in at night.  The table had water stains on it from the plants the lady kept on the table.
I stained the table.  J wiped it off.  It really was a project we both worked on together.

This table is from the late 1960's back when large families and large gatherings were popular.  I think that the table measures abt. 120 " when fully open with all 3 leaves.
J and I both worked on the clear coat together too.  Here of course is a photo of J doing some of the clear coat.

This is the finished table.  Okay this is a photo I took before I put the two coats of wax on the table.   But it looks way better than it did when we got it.  In the far left you can see the three table leaves leaning against the wall.  Yes, they too will eventually get stripped along with the chairs.  Two years ago I did re-upholster the chairs and they look beautiful.  We received the dining room set with only five chairs so I do have one mismatched chair in the back.

Oh and the table is made of Walnut with a light red oak stain over it.  I mean light as I barely let the stain penetrate before I was having J wipe it back off. 

Even though I was in pain over the weekend, I ended up taking the oxycotin last night and early this morning, I still managed to get one project finished with my husband.  Funny how we bonded even more over a table and found that we can work well together.


  1. Replies
    1. It looks even better with the two coats of wax now. Unfortunately my lovely little camera refuses to focus most photos now so the pictures don't do it justice.

  2. Beautiful! I love the wood grain. You guys did a fantastic job. Will you be doing any work on the hutch?

    1. That is the plan. When we moved in the movers put a big dig in the hutch reattaching the two pieces. So that has to be filled and sanded.

    2. Looking forward to seeing that project too :) The table came out great.

  3. Replies
    1. Its actually pretty easy to do. Self-taught before there was the internet.

  4. The table looks awesome! You guys did an awesome job and I am glad you bonded. That is always a nice bonus.


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