Thursday, April 12, 2012

Its CD 10 and Adenomyosis

My RE clinic has four doctors one of which is a civilian who is Dr. C.  One of the doctors is now back from his deployment and that would be Lt.Col B.  That leaves just Dr. B who is a Major and Dr. N who is a Cpt.  Yesterday I got to see Lt.Col.B.  I like him.  He is the optimist in the bunch.  So even though he had bad news to impart yesterday it didn't seem all that bad.

Lt.Col. B  thinks that I probably have Adenomyosis because of the symptoms and his findings during the examination yesterday.  Oh Joy!  I mean yes, I figured I probably did have it since my periods always hurt, sex hurts, peeing hurts, sometimes I get pelvic pain from just walking too.  However, Lt.Col. B. thinks that I should still be able to get pregnant?  Really?  Maybe he has a bit more faith in my reproductive organs than I do.

Years ago when I first starting to go to this particular RE clinic my doctor was Lt.Col. B but back then he was only a major.  I didn't even know they could deploy an RE.  I mean really does someone in a war zone need clomid that badly?  Its because he is a surgeon first I was told.  Okay that makes a bit more sense.

Most of the bad news was the diagnosis of the adenomyosis, however there was a bit more to that bad news.  The follicle count was two.  One 17 mm on the left and one boat shaped huge follicle on the right that contained a blood clot.  Yup the endometriosis strikes again.

Lt.Col. B ordered some labs and spoke with us about timed intercourse and the probability that we might have already ovulated.  Well its a good thing I've been using the OPKs this week.  I had sex the night before the exam when I saw those two dark lines appear.

Lab result for CD 9:

Estradiol  (E2)      406
Progestereone        14.15
F something was       4.89
L something was        2.08

 Oh and my lining was 9.1 so that was right up there where it needs to be for a hopeful embryo.

Nurse S was happy to hear that I covered my bases with the sex since she informed with the progesterone count that they missed the ovulation date.  Funny I was just telling J last week when Nurse M scheduled the appointment time that it would be too late and I'd miss ovulation.  They know I ovulate early.  So even though they had me pick up the trigger shot yesterday it sits in my fridge waiting for a next time.  I really hope this won't be necessary and I'll get pregnant this cycle.

Lt. Col. B seems to think, even though he knows how old I am, that I still have plenty of time to try on my own since I respond so well to the clomid.  I'm not a bad responder to IVF either but my follicles don't want to group together to release together so IVF isn't going to happen again for us.  Donor eggs are still an option along with adoption that we will be discussing in the future.

As for the endometriosis.  Lt.Col. B wants to wait on doing any surgery on me because I'm still in the child bearing years.  But, um, isn't the endometriosis causing the embryos to not implant properly?  He said he is still concerned with the risks to me from having it removed that I might end up having to have a full hysterectomy if its as bad as they think rather than just removing the bad areas from the ovaries and uterine wall.  Oh joy!  So then why the heck should I even think about donor eggs?

So it looks as though I ovulated from the right this month and the follicle ruptured filling back up with a nasty blood clot.  I'm not sure how the heck it could properly support an embryo.  Good thing I'm taking the endometrin.   We just don't know for a fact when I ovulated.  Maybe CD 8 when I had sex?  Even for me that is a new record for early ovulation, but I knew it would happen.  Murphy's law!

I'm back on the Endometrin as of yesterday since the RE's office isn't sure when I ovulated. I asked Nurse S when I should start it and she actually said I would have to guess at the when to start part.  So I opted for the sooner is better.

Now I'm in the two week wait which is more like 16 days for me or longer sometimes.  I have just two pregnancy tests here at home.  I'm also waiting on the results of my stomach biopsy.  I should know all the answers to both at about the fourth week of April.

Maybe if I think about it I'll order a pregnancy test from thinkgeek.  PTeq home pregnancy test seems to be rather cool looking except for the fact that my usb front ports are not horizontal ones and it might muck up the tester.


  1. Ug. I'm glad that your doctor is optimistic. That always helps. I've got fingers crossed that sperm and egg hook up and make a great sticky embryo.

    I am going to check out that PTeq now. If you go with it, I hope you post about it. Inquiring minds want to know! ;)

  2. I'm really thinking about buying it. I just have to convince myself that the cost is worth it.

  3. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but he seems optimistic about your chances with natural TTC, so that is good.

    I really hope that this early ovulation results in a sticky BFP for you. And that you get an all clear on your biopsies as well.

  4. lol about the usb tester, you could try this site: ;)

    Sorry about the possible Adenomyosis on top of things... really hoping this is your cycle. Your numbers sound great, was the F FSH and the L LH? Anyway, lots of positive thoughts!

    1. Oh awesome it said Fabio was my baby boy's daddy! LOL

      I thought on the lab slip it said FSH and LH but when I asked the nurse she had other words it was called and she had a hard time pronouncing it...something like luperilide I'm like what?

  5. First off, that PTeq thing looks really cool!

    And secondly, I am sorry for the new diagnosis. Just out of curiosity, how do you go about getting a diagnosis for adenomyosis? I was worried I may have it, but my doc "assured" me that it was only evident after a hysterectomy and only in women over 45.

    I've got everything crossed for you for this 2ww! I hope it goes by quickly! Thinking of you xx

    1. In my case the diagnosis was figured out with the symptoms given when the questions were asked, the transvaginal ultrasound, pelvic exam, and the doctor's reviewing of my file in front of me. I have a pretty thick file now after being with this place for a few years.

      Yes you are right most doctors won't want to diagnosis it until after the hysterectomy but mine is of the new breed I guess that doesn't want to yank it out if the symptoms and exam all point to that particular diagnosis. Its not like they can do much to treat it anyway while I'm still trying to conceive.

  6. Sorry about the diagnosis, but so happy your Dr is very optimistic!

    That tester would have been so cool!


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