Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blowing Off Steam

Photo of J by me.  He is wearing his best sweatshirt....Tuxedo.  Haha!  Seriously its his hometown that is named Tuxedo and it is where the Tuxedo was invented.

J and I have completely different ways to unwind.  I like to read a good novel and take a hot bath he likes to go to the range and blow stuff up or away.  Occasionally I too like the sport but not when I'm sick.

Today we did what he wanted to do.  He offered to let me shoot and even brought my gun with him.  I just wasn't in the mood to shoot.  I did pick up brass for him and re-sticker the targets.  J likes to reload his own ammunition because he says its a lot cheaper.  Okay good hobby for him but I really don't like the idea of gun powder in the house all that much.  I'm accident prone and forgetful.  All I need to do is accidentally knock down the powder container, split it open and think okay I'll vacuum it up.  Not a good idea to vacuum up black powder folks.

I told J to smile, maybe I should have told him not to blink either?
Bad photo but still its a good smile.

Even though J loaded up the car with about half of his guns, he decided that the hand guns were good enough for shooting today.  Um, I already told him that given the fact its breezy and cold as hell outside neither of us would want to be out in it for more than 3 hours so yeah handguns only.  Never listens to me.  I guess its the only way he learns, by making mistakes and realizing that well if only he had listened to me.  I give up.

Oh and yes I know I sound cranky.  Probably the clomid.  Could also be the puking, damn stomach.  Or maybe its my cold as death fingers hurting so that typing isn't very tolerable, damn arthritis.

I'll find out in about 2.5 weeks, give or take a few days, the results of the biopsies of my stomach.  I have to say the waiting is probably going to be worse than the results.  I either have an ulcer started from H.plyori or cancer.  Those are the only two reasons they said they do the biopsy.  Both are treatable, one is curable and the other well I'm just not going there.  What this all means to me is just that I might have to cut even shorter my trying to conceive.  I can still hope that its nothing and that my stomach will go back to normal once it sheds its lining again. 

Life goes on.


  1. Sorry you are feeling poorly. I really hope your results come back okay and its nothing serious.

  2. Love the sweatshirt! Never been shooting, but I'm told that it can be a great way to release anger (mine involves driving ranges and a bucket of 100 golf balls).

    Hope the results come back with some useful news. In the meantime, enjoy the hot baths and novels. May they be as relaxing as they sound.

    1. I've always enjoyed shooting the textbooks that the campus book store won't buy back. Feels so good to blow them away.

      I'm not doing the hot baths for a while since now I'm afraid it will affect the eggs.

  3. You've got every right to be cranky. I'm praying that your results come back as the least serious problem possible.

    1. I hope so too Chick. Still the least serious will probably involve two antibiotics piggybacked which is going to trash my immune system. If it fixes me I'm all for it.


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