Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yesterday's Fun Times

I have pictures to share with all of you.  Yummy you get to see the insides of my upper digestive tract, aren't I special for sharing them with you?

<--- Photo of the GERD damage its only Stage A so its not that bad.

Okay well you all know that I had my testing yesterday.  I went in at the appointed time and got back out about 2 hours later, even though the test only took 5 minutes to complete.  Why so long?  Well I sat in the prep and recovery room for the other 115 minutes.  No seriously they were moving slowly yesterday.  As soon as my test was done I was asking to get up and get going.  The nursing staff said to give  them a few more minutes to make sure all my vitals were fine.  Okay but I want out of here. 
<----They did biopsy two sites in my stomach because it looked suspicious.  Fun times ahead waiting for those results.

They called in my spouse to the report card room. Yes I felt like a kid being called in front of the teacher with my parent present.  But all went fairly well.  They sent off specimens for analysis.  Just a couple of biopsies.  No big deal, unless of course its a big deal but I'll find out in 2 or 3 weeks.

I'm back on prilosec for an indefinite period of time as the release paperwork stated :  -Use prilosec at 20mg by mouth once a day indefinitely.  Yay me!  I finally get myself weened off that drug two years ago and now I'm back on it again.  Hmm...wasn't 15 years of it enough?

I go upstairs to the pharmacy and pick up my script.  I chat with the pharmacist.  She suggested to me that I get an antiphospholipid antibody test done.  Okay sure.  I walk down stairs to the RE's office and ask to get one done.  They agreed.  Hmm...wonders why they never decided to do this test before?

Today I'll have the test results for the antiphospholipid test.   I never even thought about having that test done.  We'll see if the hunch the pharmacist had pays off.

Yesterday I started back on the clomid and melatonin.  We'll see what this cycle brings for me. 

Right now J is at the doctor's getting his back re-evaluated.  I hope its starting to heal.


  1. I was trying very hard to read your blog and not look at the internal pictures, lol... I hope all of your test come back with some answers.

    I am starting back on clomid my next cycle until our ivf #2. Do you mind if I ask why you take the melatonin? I am a little excited about starting back. At least we get some sort of shot, right.

    1. I read on another blogger's page, about a month ago, the suggestion of melatonin to help produce better quality eggs during IVF. here is the link:

      Even though I'm not doing IVF any longer I figured what the heck it couldn't hurt to better my odds and I could use a good night's sleep too.

    2. I will definitely research this, thanks!

  2. I hope your answers come back ok and quickly! What does an antiphospholipid antibody test look for? Just curious! I have been taking prilosec for about ten years off and on. I get off it for a while and then the tummy troubles start up again. My dad has acid reflux, and has been nex.ium for years.

    1. Antiphospholipid testing is used to help determine the cause of an unexplained thrombotic episode, recurrent fetal loss, thrombocytopenia, and/or a prolonged PTT test.

  3. I hope that prilosec works for you again! Thanks for sharing your pics. So cool! I hope you get the reports back soon and you get some answers that can be worked with.


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