Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Je Suis Fatigue

Man am I tired.  I was tired before I started taking the endometrin today. 

Had to call the RE office because I couldn't remember how often I have to take the endometrin.  Turns out it is twice a day and not once a day like I had remembered.  Good thing I called.

J is on call again tonight.  I'll be dishing out the candy to the kids alone.  With the weather we've been having I highly doubt we'll have that many kids here tonight.

J is finally getting his act in gear.  It took a kick start but he finally listened to me when I said to him,  "what do you have to lose by using the open door policy?".  It isn't like at this point they'll demote him just because they are pissed off that he went over someone's head.  The someone is the person, the Cpt., that didn't recommend him for re-enlistment. 

Here is the story:
J was denied re-enlistment.  The Cpt has been stonewalling J and his Sgt.  on getting an appointment with the CO of the brigade for 5 weeks.  J has several references in hand and I told him the above to just do it.  He spoke with the brigade CO today and it looks promising.  He said there is no reason why J shouldn't be allowed to re-enlist and he'll talk to his down range command along with the command that is on rear D.  Fact finding if you will.  He told J that they already down sized their brigade by 140 souls.  They are on quota already.

Hopefully we will know something soon.  As in before his term is past the point where he can't re-enlist which is coming up pretty darn soon.

Now for my update.  Last night while reading  my book I dismounted the bed on the left and my right ovary highly objected.  I have pain akin to the cyst like pain I had before.  I'm really hoping that the HCG shot didn't aggravate anything.  Still have pain on the right side today too.

Because I know that things are a bit swollen down there I'm going to continue to take it easy with no heavy lifting, heck very little lifting.  I'm currently doing laundry but I'm not going to lift the basket.  I'll just push it along with my feet to the bedroom.  Good thing I live in a one story.

I'll be baking the pumpkin for the pie later today and most likely making the puree today too if time permits.  But I'll be holding off on making the pie shell and putting it all together until tomorrow when I feel more up to it.


  1. Aw! Je suis désolé pour vous sentir si fatigué!!

    How great that J decided to try another route. I am sure that all of this re-enlistment business is just another stressor.

    1. Well you and know that nothing is ever final in the Army, even after the ink has dried orders and schools have changed. J has another hoop to jump through and this one is one that CPT will be putting in place.


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