Friday, March 4, 2011

Electric Cars, My Opinion

This is bound to be a short post as it is entirely my opinion.  Though my husband and I were discussing the pros and cons of electric cars last weekend I took my own sweet time to post this particular environmental hazard.  Wait did I just insinuate that electric cars are a bad thing?  YES!

So we won't be using as much gasoline if there are more of these cute electric cars on the road.  We will be using more electricity.  Oh is that bad?  YES!

Most of our electricity is from plants that use coal to fuel their electric output.  Coal is a fossil fuel and is less clean burning than gasoline folks.  So why would any one want to buy an electric car knowing this?  Well most of us forget about where our electricity comes from.

These cars have to be charged up every four hours.  How is that effective?  How does that cut down on our footprint?

Now lets get down to the safety issues.  Have you noticed that this cars are super light weight?  Did you stop to think that light weight isn't such a good thing?  Think about how these cars would look after even a 20 mph accident.  You might as well go out and buy a new one.  Oh and if you need to buy yet another one how is that cutting down on pollution?  The factories will be puffing out more plumes of smoke to make you that new car.  At higher speeds its doubtful you'd walk away without more significant injuries because folks like me we want to keep our gasoline powered vehicles on the road.  We contribute less to pollution and our cars are safer than the electric ones.

Now don't get your dander up.  I'm sure I'm upsetting more than one environmentalist here who thought that electric cars were the perfect solution to our gas problem.  They are a solution I'll give you that, but are they the right one?

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