Friday, March 18, 2011

Weather Or Not I Have Pain

Last night the pain started.  I laughed at something on television and ended up screeching out an OUCH as I held my pelvic region.  Oh Clomid why do you have to give so many bad side effects?

My lower back is hurting along with my pelvis today.  I ache so bad that bending over to lift the laundry baskets causes me to suck in air.

Yes I'm whining.  I can't even get comfortable sitting in front of the computer.  Thus this blog post today is going to be really short.

I thought at first this morning's pain was because the humidity is rather high today.  Its cloudy with a high chance of rain but how is that any different from most days here in Washington state?  That is when I realized I'd better step on the scale.  Sure enough the pelvic pain is being followed up by two pounds gained and my lower abdomen is quite swollen.  It is the clomid and its given me another cyst. 

With me being 10 days past ovulation I was rather hoping for a good sign of implantation, not the pelvic pain that I now have.  Unless of course it really doesn't hurt all that bad and its just my fibromyalgia that is magnifying my pain factor.  It can do that.  Unfortunately I'm not allowed to take a pain killer stronger than non-asprin while trying to conceive.  So this is why I'm complaining here about the pain.  If I can't take pain killers I'm going to complain.

I have housework that I need to get back to whether or not I really want to do it, it has to get done.  I'm expecting company in the next hour so I'd like the house to be presentable of which it usually is since I stay on top the housework each day.

May tomorrow bring better health to us all.

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