Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wishful Thinking

The diet is going as per usual.  I feel like I'm constantly hungry and am craving my carbs big time.  PMS doesn't help with the carb cravings.  PMS is the reason why I'm in so much pain.  I was whimpering last night from the pain.   I did try to soak in our tub but its just not deep enough to enjoy a good soak.  Some day in my dream home I'm going to have a slipper tub.

I'm in a lot of pain today.  Right now I so wish I were where this particular tub is just so I could soak in it right up to my shoulders.  The picture is of the slipper tub on the caboose in which J and I stayed in overnight last summer.  Loved the tub hated the bed.

Nice thoughts warm my head right now of a dream bathroom.  I think I'd like one of my own where no one else gets to use it but me.  I'd have my slipper tub with some shelving around it for candles, salts, lotions and special soaps.  A heated tile floor would be nice too.  I'd have to have a separate shower stall for the days that I'm in a big hurry but the tub would still be for the evening soaks.  I'd also have a towel warmer so I don't catch a chill when stepping out of the tub. 

Am I being too selfish?  Not really.  I'd make sure that there were two other bathrooms for the rest of the family and a hot tub so they could have their communal soak.  I might even join them from time to time with a glass of Riesling.  I would have the hot tub not too far away from the house as cold winter nights make taking a trek out to the hot tub little fun.  Maybe I'd situate it  inside a manicured garden.  Hidden just enough for those that prefer to hot tub nude.

On the subject of water I would also have a nice pool in my yard.  Maybe one that was a wave pool which isn't too large but is great for exercising.  I do love the water.  J doesn't really care for swimming but I do.

Now my brain is coming about to swim wear.  I need to find a new swimsuit.  I want to go back to the gym and swim several days a week.  I still have yet to replace my favorite swimsuit that gotten eaten at Skamania Lodge when they had way too much chlorine in their hot tub in the womens locker room.

I'll find a new swim suit eventually.  There are so many ugly ones at our Exchange that it just puts me off looking for more suits thinking that the rest out there this season are probably just as ugly.  Besides I want a swim suit not a bathing suit.  The big difference is in the straps for me.  I have too much cleavage to be sporting spaghetti straps on any swim suit when wanting to swim.  An adjustable cross back with wide straps is what I'm wanting.  Its not like I'm going to be sun bathing inside, nor do I care how attractive I look in a suit, its just for exercise not modeling.  But I just don't like the ugly styles that the economy is currently featuring.  I guess the hunt is on for my next purchase.  Hopefully I find the hiking canes and swim suit before summer is over.  That is wishful thinking in itself.

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  1. Rebecca! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :) I have returned the favor and I am now following you too! I hope that the government straightens this whole thing out and SOON. It's too scary of a world for my DH and I since we are just starting out our new Army life together.

    Cute blog!

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