Monday, March 21, 2011

Having A Cranky Laundry Day

Just when I thought I was safe from housework Monday appears out of no where.  This weekend was a blast, literally.  I went to the pistol range with my husband yesterday and to gun shops thereafter.  I really enjoyed myself. We ate out for lunch and dinner.  I felt wonderful. 

But then last night the hormones hit.  I was cranky.  I knew that today meant I'd have all those household chores to do yet again.  My back was hurting, my pelvis was sore, and the fibromyalgia was making the rest of my body ache too.  I couldn't get comfortable on my orthopedic foam mattress.

I got up from the bed and told my husband to go back to sleep.  I knew this wasn't going to be a good night's sleep.  My husband actually asked me what he did wrong.  I snapped at him that if he didn't know what he did wrong then he was an idiot.  I know I shouldn't have called him a name.  He knows that I often need to get up in the middle of the night and try to walk off the pain.  Its not always about him.  Asking what he did wrong, just ticked me off because he was making it about himself and not about the real issue my pain. 

Finally he got the message after I ignored him.  I went into the office and clicked on the computer.  I figured that just staring at facebook and not telling the world my problems would help.  It did.  Reading about how every one else's life is falling apart at times reminds me that my life really isn't all that bad.  Sorry folks but really it is true.  Someone else always has it worse than you do.  The world does not revolve around one particular person and their troubles.

I shut down the computer after an hour of internet reality and walked back to the bedroom.  I apologized for snapping at J and explained that how he was trying to be thoughtful just wasn't going to help.  When I tell him, "leave me alone"  I mean it.  I need time to collect my thoughts. Nothing against him but I need some selfish time too.  It was just better that I had left the room when I did before I would really say something I would regret and I explained that particular bit too.

All is well with our married life.  We are just like any normal couple out there.  We face our issues each day as they arise, we love, we argue, we solve our problems too.

Now if only I could wave my wand and get the laundry to clean itself I'd be a much happier person today.  Can you believe there are six loads that have to be done?  I know I did laundry on Friday so where did it all come from in just two days?

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  1. I have soooo much laundry to do as well. I just don't like folding and putting it away!!


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