Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes The Body Does What It Wants

Just the other day J and I were told that we'd most likely not have an ovulation cycle.  Guess what?  The test I took today proved otherwise.  Yesterday I took an ovulation prediction kit and it showed negative.  Today's test showed the two lines. 

I'm good to go.  I'm excited.  My body is still doing what it wants even when the doctors say that it shouldn't be doing this because of a large diameter cyst.  Oh well, I'm taking my chance and every chance I can get to conceive.

Still we aren't going to go with the IUI.  I can't take the extra poking around with medical devices and an IUI is invasive.  Last cycle it hurt like heck because the tech had to keep re-inserting the speculum to get a better view of my cervix.  I think I'd hide too if I could when some piece of cold metal was coming at me.

Now I can only hope that the next test I take will also show positive.  The next test is the pregnancy test.  I have real hopes because I don't really need the clomiphene citrate to conceive.  I just need it to produce extra eggs with the chance for a good quality one to get fertilized.

Fingers crossed.

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