Monday, March 14, 2011

Dogs In Iraq and Afghanistan Help Soldiers

There seems to be nothing more comforting to a deployed soldier than the unconditional love of a dog.  However, when the soldiers have to redeploy to home often they have to leave behind their best friend, their dog.

Many stray dogs and young pups find their ways into the camps and bases that the soldiers live on.  With war tearing at their minds and hearts they find comfort in the love of the dogs.  Its a proven fact that animals do help soldiers deal with the stress of combat.

Military contractors will bring dogs over with them from various countries besides the United States only to not be able to take them back to their own countries again.  These animals fall through the cracks.  These are the dogs that have been trained to sniff out IEDs and other explosives.

If you would like to donate to help bring home these dogs or even learn more about the project check out these websites:

Working Dog VideoWorking Dog Video CNN

Baghdad Pups

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