Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trekking Dreams

One of these days I'm going to be able to walk with assistance up those steep mountain trails.  Last year I tried and failed on an easier path up Horsetail Falls in Oregon.  I think I got about one third of the way up with my regular cane and the vertigo became too much.  I've since realized that I need a set of hiking poles so I can enjoy my trekking adventures across America.

I've been pricing poles for a few months now.  I've been reading customer reviews.  Sometimes it really does seem that the more you pay for the item the better the quality it is.  However I am not made of money and I do try to find bargains where ever possible.  I'd settle for a decent set of used poles with a lifetime warranty on them.

I like the Black Diamond Trail Shock Trekking Poles at REI but there is no way I can afford to spend over $100.00 USD on something I might use but a few times a year.  My second choice are the Leki Eagle Trekking Poles  of which seem to be quite adequate for the price.

This year J and I are hoping to make a camping and hiking trip in Yellowstone National Park  It all comes down to gas prices, leave times, and what I can physically do on the trip.  I really want to get a set of the poles.  I want to be able to walk longer distances and take plenty of pictures too.

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